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Description: This is a breakout board for the WS2812B RGB LED. The WS2812B is actually an RGB LED with a WS2811 built right into the LED! All the necessary pins are broken out to 0.1" spaced headers for easy bread-boarding. Several of these breakouts can even be chained together to form a display or an addressable string.


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  • The data sheet for this product specifies high/low data transfer timings 10x faster than the provided example.

  • where can i a purchase an led compatible with this breakout board?. The LED - SMD RGB (WS2812) https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11821 is the closest led i can find for this board but it is a 6 pin led while the ws2812b is 4 pin and i cant find ws2812b on sparkfun.

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works like a champ

…colors are deep and bright. The white is nice and clear. The LEDs inside are rather small point sources. A nice and simple evaluation board, Note that the 8mm addressable RGB (COM-12877) have diffused package so are easier on the eyes and appear much bigger; maybe a better choice for signage.

Really really easy to use.

Incredibly quick to get up and running. Easy to use multiples, and the NeoPixel library does most of the hard work for you.

If you’re going to put an RGB LED in something, just use this. Don’t mess around with through hole components, just buy as many of these as you need and use them.

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