Qwiic Pressure/Humidity/Temp (PHT) Sensor - MS8607

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The MS8607 from TE is an impressive combination pressure, humidity, temperature (PHT) sensor with accuracy of ±2mbar pressure, ±3% humidity, and ±1°C. Perfect for sensing general weather conditions the MS8607 really shines for high altitude, low pressure applications. Capable of sensing down to 10mbar, this pressure sensor separates itself from many other I2C pressure sensors like the BME280. The MS8607 is simple to use and gives the user some very powerful readings with very little power and conversion time.

Hook up is a breeze with as the breakout board is using the Qwiic connect system. We have a fully formed Arduino library and extensive examples to get you up and running quickly. The breakout board has built-in 2.2kΩ pullup resistors for I2C communications. If you’re hooking up multiple I2C devices on the same bus, you may want to disable these resistors.

The MS8607 PHT Sensor can also be automatically detected, scanned, configured, and logged using the OpenLog Artemis datalogger system. No programming, soldering, or setup required!

NOTE: The I2C address of the Pressure Sensor Portion is 0x76 and is hardware defined. The I2C address of the Humidity Sensor Portion is 0x40 and is hardware defined. A multiplexer/Mux is required to communicate to multiple MS8607 sensors on a single bus. If you need to use more than one MS8607 sensor consider using the Qwiic Mux Breakout.

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  • Operating Range:

    • 10 - 2000mbar
    • 0 - 100% Humidity
    • -40 - 85°C
  • Accuracy (at 25°C):

    • ±2mbar pressure
    • ±3% humidity
    • ±1°C
  • Resolution:

    • 0.016 mbar
    • 0.04 % Humidity
    • 0.01 C
  • Supply Current (1Hz, 1024 OSR): 0.78uA

  • Standby Current: 0.03uA
  • Conversion Time (PHT): 4ms


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  • Member #162704 / about 3 years ago / 2

    This worked beautifully with the Redboard Turbo and all examples worked great. Really nice. BUT when I tried exactly the same code with the Thing Plus (also a SAMD board like the Redboard Turbo) ... there was a problem with the Serial vs SerialUSB calls ... for the Redboard Turbo you need to use SerialUSB to talk on the serial monitor in the Arduino IDE. However on the Thing Plus I had to use Serial to talk on the serial monitor (I expected to use SerialUSB ... but it did not work ... Serial did). In the libraries for the MS8607 it looks like there is a line that does a #define Serial SerialUSB ... I expect if I dug in there would be an if statement that only runs that line if it is a SAMD board ... but apparently the Thing Plus for whatever reason doesn't like SerialUSB. The end result is that the libraries as written for the MS8607 work with the Redboard Turbo, but not with the Thing Plus.

  • Member #707303 / about 3 years ago / 1

    I purchased this item a couple of months ago to indicate PHT in my custom shop controller. I finally got the controller installed, and the PHT doesn't seem to be recording the proper temperature. It's off by 7 or 8 degrees.

    When I first purchased the device, it seemed to be recording the proper temperature. Is there a way I can re-calibrate the device?

  • Member #62792 / about 4 years ago / 1

    Flawless so far! All the example sketches for Arduino are working great. Github Library for Qwiic/I2C is pretty simple and easy to use. Looking forward to using this sensor on our next high altitude balloon mission in NV.

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