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Red Hat Co.Lab Robotic Hand Kit

How do we respond to a challenge that many people face in their daily lives? In this project, you’ll be asked to build a hand that can perform a simple gripping motion. Using only cardboard, a servomechanism (servo), nylon string, and a simple sensor, you’ll replicate the thinking from the film E-nable. This activity asks you to think about how someone with physical disabilities experiences the world in order to design and create with greater empathy and care.

In this kit, you'll learn how conductivity works while building your own robotic hand. Combine your passion for helping others with basic maker tools to gain a better understanding of how open source can empower us to support people who have differing abilities.

The Red Hat Co.Lab Robotic Hand Kit will help you:

  1. Discover how breadboards work by experimenting with simple circuits using a continuous rotation servo
  2. Design and construct a robotic hand that can flex and release

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