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Ever wanted to see what's on that SIM card? Use these sockets in your next project to interface to any old SIM. 6-Pin standard connection. This is a surface mount socket, but it is large enough that it can be hand soldered.


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Skill Level: Competent - You will encounter surface mount components and basic SMD soldering techniques are required.
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  • Sparkfun, are there plans to stock a mini/nano sim card ever? I think most phone MFR's have switched, my iphone 4s is a micro. People want this, I want it. Newark has one but only 3 left in-stock.|pcrid|27090073341|plid|

    • Our product researcher has been looking into several different options, but I'm not sure what the status is on that. My guess is eventually we will. I'll pass along your comment though :)

      • Toni, thanks for the response. A nice quick fix I used was to buy a nano/micro SIM adapter from ebay. These can be had for around $2.

        • Definitely something we can also look into. Thanks for updating us on your workaround!

  • MikeNemat / about 12 years ago / 1

    Just out of curiosity, what's the ETA on more stock for this SIM Socket?

    If it won't be stocked any more, would you guys happen to have a digikey part number for something with the same footprint?

  • masterkey / about 12 years ago / 1

    3/27/2012 Two pins are missing from the SIM Adapter. If I pay extra, can I get the missing pins? You probably have to buy two SIM Sockets, pull two pins from one, and install them in the other. (sales tactic)

    • Chandhooguy / about 11 years ago / 1

      ... Or a defect part. No need to jump to conclusions. Contact SFE support for a new one.

  • Member #121147 / about 14 years ago / 1

    That's just mechanical datasheet, Where can I find the pin functions?

    • chriscross93 / about 13 years ago / 1

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