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Description: This is a large mass of items that go along with the Beginning Embedded Electronics lectures. You will get all the following parts in a kit to go along with the lecture.

Power Supply Lecture:


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  • it seems as if the link to the beginning embedded electronics lecture is broken. can you please get this back up and running please?

  • I completed the Beginning Embedded Electronics - Power Supply Kit Tutorial in about 45 minutes. The tutorial was very clear, and the LED worked fine. It is very instructive to build a simple circuit like this, complete with a PTC

  • This probable stupid to ask but what voltage and amps does it put out?

    • The 7805 voltage regulator will put out 5.0V at up to 1.5A if it has a heat sink - without a heat sink, it will probably put out around an Amp before it gets too hot and shuts itself off (it will turn back on again after it cools down).

  • Just got this kit, mostly because I have the extra parts to make the power adapter into a 3.3/5V adapter and the normal breadboard was out of stock. However, the breadboard wasn’t like the one pictured, but the one hyper-linked in the description below. (i.e. I have a yellow jack instead of a green one and the metal plate isn’t labeled.)

  • From skimming the article I noticed we need an ATmega328 chip. Is this included in this kit?

  • to get 5volts power supply kit i need to spend INR 1500+ i cant afford that much its too costly to buy components. :(

  • Nice Kit but for a future revision might i recommend the PRT-10288 instead of the original barrel jack.

  • I can’t learn (buy) if it ain’t stocked! Popular kit it seems!

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