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Member Since: June 17, 2007

Country: United States


My name is Dave, and I like electronics :) I hack on the sparkfun.com web site and associated projects.

I’m on the internet personally at stilldavid.com.

We made a new product review feature for the Web site. Check out all the gory implementation details!

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David Stillman from IT launched a weather balloon in New Hampshire on the National Tour! Read all about it.

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Hitting the road on the East Coast with the SparkFun National Tour

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Dave and Mike launch a red SparkFun box on a weather balloon to the edge of the atmosphere.

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Dave talks about recent adventures taking radio equipment up mountains, and marveling at Mars.

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AVC 2012!

It's AVC Day at SparkFun! Watch the events unfold, LIVE!

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Let's go over the numbers for Free Day 2012

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IT Update

What's going on at SFE IT? Here's a quick update to find out!

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