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Weather Ballooning in the White Mountains

I just returned from three weeks on the road, the latter two of which I was helping out on the Northeast leg of the SparkFun National Tour! On tour I lived with Jeff and Dav out of the awesome 29-foot RV and taught workshops in a handful of states to a bunch of different folks ranging from…

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SparkFun Box in (Near) SPAAAAACE!

I got an email from David Patterson of EDGE Research Lab as a launch notice explaining their plan to launch the radio module from the ArduSat project (which we backed on Kickstarter!) on a high altitude balloon for testing. He asked if I or anyone else from SparkFun would like to attend, as they…

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On Radios, Summits and Satellites

Sunday was quite an adventure for a few of us SparkFunions. Ben (KD0PNS) and I (KI6YMZ) participated in the Colorado 14er event. On one day in August, people summit as many of the 50+ fourteeners in the state as possible. The catch is that we all carry amateur, or ham radio equipment to the top. Due…

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AVC 2012!

Update: That's it, folks! Thanks to everyone who was able to make it out for the event, both contestants and spectators alike. Also a huge thanks to the fine people who followed along online. We hope everyone had a good time, I know we all did! See you next year! It's AVC Day! Welcome once…

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Free Day 2012 Recap

Another January, another Free Day come and gone. Win or lose, we hope everyone had fun, we sure had a lot of fun in the building here putting it on! Numbers Let's go over some numbers, then I'm going to write a bit about how we managed to pull it off this year. 6,437,592 Correct reCaptcha…

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IT Update

Today we have a guest post from our own Dave Stillman (he of product post video fame). Take it away, Dave! Why hello, it's Dave from IT here. As you may know, SparkFun tries to keep a lot of stuff in-house. This ranges from engineering to production, and from design down to my job in IT. Here in…

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