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Description: This is a 35mm concave momentary push button similar to the ones you find on arcade games. Simple screw in design. Perfect for mashing. This button has a great tactile, ‘clicky’ feel.


  • Concave plunger design
  • Durable nylon material
  • Microswitch: max 3A @ 120 VAC
  • Microswitch reliability tested to 10,000,000 cycles
  • Includes 3 terminal microswitch
  • Net weight: 25g


  • Cap diameter: 35mm
  • Overall height: 65mm
  • Mounting hole: 1 1/8th inch paddle bit (1.125" / 28mm)

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Customer Comments

  • What size microswitch quick connects for these buttons? Do they use the standard 0.11" quick connects?

  • I’m looking for this type of button for my next project. Would it be feasible to chop off the screw part to shrinker the height? I’m looking to put it under a 15mm thick enclosure.

    • The screw part, it appears, holds the switch in place. It would take a bit of modification to just slice out the middle part. There’s a shorter arcade-style button here.
      Also, they do make low-profile arcade buttons, sold elsewhere, like Adafruit product 473.

  • While these guys are a bit more expensive then the 33mm convex ones sold here, they’re actually a pretty good deal when you consider the fact that the microswitch included with them is over ¾ the price. You’re only paying $0.45 more for the nifty arcade button.

Customer Reviews

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Cheap, strong, work as expected!

I really like how easy it is to insert and remove the limit switches, I had to steal them from a few of these buttons for another project.

They feel cheap and lightweight, but once installed they perform as expected and feel very strong, the button click itself is wonderful, not too tight, a toddler could push it.

oh yeah

depresses fine at a variety of finger/button angles… the clicky feel is very satisfying… buying more

very good quality button switch.

I use it for my photobooth. I holds up pretty well to abuse of customers mashing the button.

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