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Battery Holder 2xAA with Cover and Switch - JST Connector
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LED Hat with MSP430 and Neopixels
by Mark Easley

Description: This 2xAA battery holder puts a nice finishing touch on your battery powered project. This holder features a removable, sliding cover, which is secured with a small Phillips head screw. Another bonus is the ON/OFF switch which can be used to control power to your project.

The leads are about 150mm and are terminated with a JST-XH (2.50mm pitch) connector.

Note: This battery holder is NOT compatible with the micro:bit. The micro:bit, Arduino Pro, and other boards utilize a JST-PH connector, not a JST-XH like this product has. We should have a micro:bit compatible battery pack available soon.

Dimensions: 67.9 x 32.8 x 18.25mm

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Customer Comments

  • Where are the female connectors? I just bought the 2mm JST female terminal only to realize that it is not compatible with this battery pack. For my project, this is a major setback.

  • I was planning on just soldering the leads directly to my PCB. Crazy how this is the same price as the holder w/o a JST connector. JST connectors by themselves are like a buck a piece. Maybe it’s a good idea to order these and clip the JST off and save it for something else?

  • Will I be able to use the breadboard jumper cables with male pins with the JSB connector?

  • Is the holder itself the same as this one?

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JST-XH connector !

NOTE: this JST connector is series -XH (2.50mm pitch) it will NOT FIT into a standard JST-PH connector (2.00mm) like the through-hole connector (PRT-09749 ROHS) sold by sparkfun. The holder is OK-GOOD, switch seems solid, but I rated 3 stars since the JST spec is not given in the description, and there should be a JST-PH version available of this battery holder. I couldn’t use this in my application…

I’m sorry. You’re right, this connector doesn’t match our other JSTs. I’ll add a note to the product page to designate the JST type. Thank you for the information.

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Unfortunately, I am not the end user of this product so I couldn’t provide a valuable feed back. I only process the ordering for my Newark.