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Description: Alphanumeric displays are pretty neat. Use them for numbers, use them for letters, or both. They are a good size and brightness for easy reading. The decimal digits aren’t connected, so keep that in mind when ordering.

We also carry these in red and greenish yellow.


  • 1" Digit Height
  • Blue Display
  • Common Anode


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Customer Comments

  • oh my god, why anode? it is way easier to control common cathode displays, because we work with positive digital pulses. I gotta ask the same thing about the goddamn useless LATCH hall sensor available here too, so useless, who would need a tiristor-like(latch-state device too) hall effect sensor? I really feel sorry for my money.

    • Yeah. I HATE it when people put the collector side of an NPN on GROUND. It’s controlling stuff COMING INNNNN!!!

  • Be Warned: Because these are BLUE and blue LEDs require more voltage and the bigger segments on the display are actually TWO LEDs in series, 5V through the dual-dot segments is barely visible. Meaning, hooking these up to a 5v system (Arduino) isn’t quite as easy as you would think.
    I’m Going to try this out with a constant current LED driver IC and a little-bitty step-up regulator.

  • can I get a link to a similar Alphanumerics availble on mouser, digi-key or element14 ?

  • Why aren’t the decimals connected??

  • if you make a version of this with a serial backpack i will worship the ground you walk on.

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