RFID Reader - RedBee Experimenters Kit (125 kHz)

Replacement: None. We are no longer carrying these boards but check out the rest of our RFID products. This page is for reference only.

The RedBee RFID reader allows you to read EM41xx 125 kHz RFID tags. It has direct USB and wireless XBee serial interfaces (XBee not included). So you can connect to your computer via USB and start reading, or read across a network using an XBee.

The RedBee has a range of 4.5", but that can vary depending on various conditions. The RedBee can also store up to 48 individual tags, which can be saved or deleted via serial commands.

The kit includes 13 various RFID tags, the RedBee RFID reader, a USB cable, and a CD with 5 projects.

  • RedBee RFID Reader
  • Credit Card Thin Card (ISO)
  • Thick Card (Clamshell)
  • Inventory Label - Square Version (38 x 38 mm)
  • 18mm Button with Sticker Backing
  • 35mm White Disk with Hole
  • 30mm Global Tag (black)
  • 25mm White Disk
  • 25mm White Disk (sticker backing)
  • 30mm Clear Thin Lamination Disk
  • 30mm Clear Thin Lamination Disk (sticker backing)
  • 25mm Clear Thin Lamination Disc
  • Blue Key Fob
  • Wristband Watch Style
  • Project CD with 5 projects
  • USB Cable
  • USB or XBee interface (XBee not included)
  • 4 configurable GPIO pins
  • Stores up to 48 individual tag IDs

Customer Comments

  • What is the max distance a tag can be away from the reader and still read properly?

    • The max range is about 4.5", but this can vary. I would design with the assumption of only within an inch or two at most to be on the safe side.

  • Good Afternoon. Is this Reader compatible with Series 2 Xbee Modules?????

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