NFC LED Nail Sticker - Rainbow (5 Pack)

Let your geek shine with this five pack of rainbow colored NFC LED nail stickers. These nifty little things power themselves when in a capable device's electromagnetic field! Light them up while using your phone, card readers, or any number of things with NFC abilities. They’ll continue glowing as long as they’re in the electromagnetic field of the acting NFC device.

NFC stands for Near Field Communication, which is a way for two nearby devices to communicate. Think of it like a really short range Bluetooth that doesn’t require authentication. Please be aware that these stickers do not possess any storage capabilities, they simply activate and light up when in the NFC vicinity.

Add some vibrant interactivity to your projects. Dazzle your friends and family. Revel in the cyber-punk future, because now you’re a cyborg!

Note: If you are using a phone to power these stickers, please make sure that the phone is capable of emitting an NFC field. For example, Pre-iPhone 7 phones do not possess such abilities. Additionally, while iPhone 6's have NFC-capabilities for Apple Pay, NFC reading for developers was locked until iPhone 7.

  • 1x Red NFC LED Nail Sticker
  • 1x Yellow NFC LED Nail Sticker
  • 1x Green NFC LED Nail Sticker
  • 1x Blue NFC LED Nail Sticker
  • 1x Purple NFC LED Nail Sticker

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  • robbok / about 6 years ago / 1

    These look very cool. Do you know if they will work with wireless power transmitters like Qi phone chargers? This isn’t NFC specifically but it is a radiated energy field.

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cool, but for what?

I bought these on impulse as soon as I saw them. They seem so cool. But when they arrived and I started playing around with them, I couldn't figure out how I would use them. To get them to light up, an NFC emitter like a phone has to be pretty close to them. I just can't figure out a cool way that I could use them ... a way better than "see these light up when I put my phone next to them and activate the NFC reader".

To be fair, how they work and what they need was completely described the product description, and I know how NFC works, etc. They still seem cool ... in some way that I can't quite describe or figure out.