Flirc Raspberry Pi Zero Case

The Flirc Raspberry Pi Zero Case has an aluminium casing with a core heatsink and smooth top, offering silent, passive and efficient cooling combined with great looks. This case also comes with a thermal pad that can fit to the case heatsink core before fitting your Raspberry Pi Zero.

The SD Card is enclosed inside the case so it won't slip out or get stolen. The case needs to be disassembled before the SD card can be removed. There’s even a pre-installed lanyard included in the box in case you want to take your Zero somewhere other than the home.

Two top covers are included with the FLIRC Zero – allowing you to hide away and protect your GPIO, or leave it exposed for prototyping your projects. You can even add a pHAT without worrying about your Zero’s temperature.

Note: The Raspberry Pi Zero's LEDs are not visible with this case.

  • Flirc Zero Aluminum Case
  • Thermal Pad
  • Two top covers (sealed and GPIO access)
  • Lanyard (pre-installed, removable)

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  • Member #134773 / about 4 years ago / 1

    The question that comes to mind is how much does this aluminum case interfere with the WiFi of the Zero W?

    • I haven't measured myself on the zero, but the effects, if any would be minimal. The case is not grounded and is also coated with non conductive paint, so it wouldn't act as a shield. I haven't received any complaints on either the zero or the 3B/4B case, and will update this should it ever be an issue.

    • santaimpersonator / about 4 years ago * / 1

      I am not sure as I haven't been to the office to check it out since the product release. However, it does look like the cover might just be plastic for that reason. I'll see if I can ping someone who might be able to take a look.

      Update: I talked with the product team... we haven't tested that out. However, the WiFi and Bluetooth functionality should still work. Obviously it might be impeded a little bit, but we haven't had any issues with the chunky heatsink cases with the Pi 4.

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Very easy to install

So easy to install. Just a few screws and a thermal pad. I love how it looks and feels like it will protect my Zero W very well.