MIKROE Matrix G Click

Matrix G Click is a mikroBUS™ add-on board with two green 5x7 matrices driven by two MAX7219 8-bit LED Display Drivers. The active area of each matrix is 7.62mm high and 5.08 mm wide. 7x5 is a standard resolution for displaying ASCII characters, so the Click is essentially a dual-character display capable of showing letters in more readable typefaces compared to a 14-segment display. The Click communicates with the target MCU through the mikroBUS™ SPI interface with two separate Chip Select lines for each matrix (CSL for the left, CSR for the right). This board is designed to use a 5V power supply.

  • Interface: GPIO, SPI
  • Compatibility: mikroBUS™
  • Dimensions: 57.15 x 25.4mm
  • Input Voltage: 5V

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