MIKROE E-Paper Bundle 2

This bundle comes with the eINK Click adapter and e-Paper display 2.13”. Which provides you an easy start of any project where the e-paper display is needed.

The E-Ink technology is a reasonably new technology with a promising future, widely commercialized by the E-INK company. The content displayed on the E-INK (also known as E-Paper) display does not degrade when exposed to direct sunlight, the display actually behaves like a real paper; it is more readable when there is more light hitting its surface.

eINK Click is supported by a mikroSDK compliant library, which includes functions that simplify software development. This Click board™ comes as a fully tested product, ready to be used on a system equipped with the mikroBUS™ socket.

What is E-INK?

The most distinctive feature of the E-Paper displays is their very low power consumption and the ability to retain the information, even after disconnecting from the power source. The power is consumed only when the display content is changing. There is a wide range of applications where E-Ink technology can be implemented: it can be used for very low power consumption applications that require display output, such as mobile phones and wearables, industrial and packaging applications, electronic reading and writing, electronic shelf labels and similar applications that can utilize this type of display.

The working principle of the E-Ink display is rather simple: there are black and white pigments trapped inside the microcapsules, which are dispersed in a clear fluid between two electrodes. The white pigments are positively charged, while the black pigments are negatively charged. When the electromagnetic field is formed between the electrodes, the pigments get repelled or attracted to the electrodes, depending on the field orientation. This results in bright or dark pigments being positioned towards the bottom or top surface of the microcapsule. When the black pigments are positioned on the top surface of the microcapsule, it is observed as the black pixel, and vice versa. It is also possible to position the pigment charges so that each color occupies one half of the microcapsule top surface and that is how gray shades are produced.

E-Paper 2.13" display

The E-Paper 2.13" display is based on Active Matrix Electrophoretic Display (AMEPD) technology and has an integrated pixel driver, which uses the SPI interface to communicate with the host MCU. The display itself has 24pin flat printed cable, used to connect to the host controller. A perfect solution for easy connection is offered in a form of a Click board™. The eINK Click offers a high-quality ZIF FFC/FPC connector for a simple connection with the E-Paper display. Besides the easy connection, it offers a temperature sensor (LM75) required for thermal compensation of the display, so it can be operated in a wide temperature range. This sensor uses I2C interface to communicate directly with the E-Paper 2.13" display integrated driver IC.

The E-Paper 2.13" display has resolution of 122(V) X 250(H) pixels and an active display area of 23.71 X 48.55. The size of its square shaped pixels is 0.194mm x 0.194mm. The screen displays a clear and crisp graphics, and has an ultra-wide viewing range, thanks to the used technology. Another key feature of the E-Ink technology is the extremely low power consumption, even when the display actively refresh its content.

eINK Click

Is an adapter Click board™, used to interface a compatible eINK display with the host MCU. The most distinctive feature of the eINK displays is their very low power consumption and the ability to retain the information, even after disconnecting from the power source. The power is consumed only when the display content is changing. For all displays Mikroe provides compliant library to start with.

  • Display Size: 2.13"
  • Display Resolution: 122 X 250 (160 dpi)
  • Pixel Pitch: 0.194mm x 0.194mm
  • Active Display Area: 23.71×48.55


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