PICAXE Serial Programming Cable

Used for programming, this cable allows the PICAXE to be connected to any computer with a serial port. The folks at PICAXE have developed a very convenient way to develop with PIC microcontrollers! By placing a small bootloader onto the IC, the user can download new PICAXE code onto the IC over a serial connection. This cable has a standard DB9 connection on one end, and a 3.5mm audio connection on the other. Works with all PICAXE development boards.

Customer Comments

  • Question, Will this cable work for the Intel Galileo as well?

  • lets say I was looking to build a setup which would let me talk to an arduino board using my laptop in the following manner

    laptop->wifi router(running a custom server software)->[serial connector]->arduino->{DO SOMETHING}

    and have located this guide here http://www.myopenrouter.com/article/10811/Hacking-Your-NETGEAR-WGR614L-How-To-Install-A-Serial-Port/ which helps interface serial on a 3.5mm audio jack, so will this cable work?… i.e give me a access to arduino using serial?….

    Thanks PS: help needed for project, if someone interested!

  • So, if I am looking at the product specs for both the AXE027 and the PGM-09260, there is a conversion that is taking place from the USB protocol to the RS232 protocol, right? Could you suggest the software drivers that would do this without hardware? When I ran the voltage test in the program editor, I got -0.47 volts when the LED was off and nearly 5 volts when the LED was on, it was just looking for the AXE027.

  • I have a USB to Serial cable that I am using with the PGM-08313. Is this a suitable replacement for the AXE027?

  • If my computer did not have a serial port, but I used a USB-to-serial adapter, would this still work?

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