Switching Power Supply - 24V 500mA

Replacement: None. We do not have a direct replacement for this supply. This page is for reference only.

This is a nicely enclosed unit that takes an AC supply between 85V and 265V and steps it down to 24VDC at 500mA. Contains 5 screw terminal, two for AC input, two for DC output and one for a common ground.

Customer Comments

  • (possibly stupid question) I'd like to run this as a dual polarity supply: is it safe to assume that this will give me +/- 24v at the DC output(s)? Or will I get +24v total and I'll have to split-rail it for +/- 12v DC?

  • OK for all of you that are still wondering about the "+ /- " question. You will get +24 between the - and + out puts. Measuring either one to the common ground will give you nothing. The ground is for the AC in. I got one of these and tested it so this is what I found. Hope that is helpful.

  • I would like to echo the "stupid question". Is "FG" 12 or 24 volts from the +/- pins? i.e. Do you get 48 volts from +V to -V or do you get 24V?

    • Hi, It takes it from AC +/- and makes it 24VDC +/- with the FG as a ground, eg. house... I think.. does this help?

  • what is trimmer used for?

  • Any one has an idea if this 24V 500mA PS suitable to drive directly a string 6 or 7 power leds (e.g. Lumiled star LXHLMWId 3.42V 350mA)?.

  • Hi
    I was lucky and could snatch one of these, but they were sold out on the first day. I hope you will restock them.

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