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  • Hey Pete,
    Great little gizmo–however, with regard to the energy you are harvesting, you hit the nail on the head with your reference to picking up 60 Hz noise. That’s the problem–those wires are simply antennas, and will pick up radio stations, 60 Hz, etc. Why not try hooking some actual transducers to the ADCs? For instance you might try a temp sensor to pick up a “cold breeze” or a phototransistor to catch “moving shadows” or whatever. You could even get more sophisticated and maybe catch phase-transitions of light AND cold spots, to sense a ghost…?
    Worth a try….
    (BTW, as you articulated your reasons for “becoming an engineer,” those are my same reasons for becoming a scientist!)
    Good work and good luck with future projects!

  • Just FYI: it looks like all the images in this tutorial are throwing “Forbidden” errors.

  • nice work id so buy one, or make one. Do you have a rough step by step to make one of these? cuz its AWESOME.. seriously i would make one

  • absolutely awesome, only one question, how hard would it be to include a serial connection to a PC so when it is not making predictions it can give information like weather and news updates, possibly using a client on the PC display an RSS feed?