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Born in California, raised in Minneapolis, moved to CO 13 years ago. Wife Becky, daughter Claire, son Ethan, dog Merlin. Trevor is my brother-in-law, but he may not want anyone to know that…


Director of Engineering


SparkFun Electronics, HID (Assa Abloy), Bearcom, Jon Dressel & Associates, Music tech.

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C, bad C


I don ’t associate well.


CU Boulder, Front Range CC, Mpls CC, NEI (in MN, called something else now, I think)


RC planes/sailplanes/cars/helicopters, guitar, astronomy, electronics, scifi, paranormal everything, slot cars, big cars



What has Pete been up to? Playing with flying robots, actually.

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Rules updates, scheduling information, and some questions answered

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A look at what classic AVC competitors will be facing on September 17

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We take a trip to check out a different version of DIY and make some new friends on the way.

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Pete Dokter and Jim Lindblom tour the MIT Media Lab, as well as the greater Boston technological tundra.

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Another AVC Update

We flesh out the AVC prize structure, plus the trials of Pete's first attempt at competing in the AVC.

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AVC 2011!!!

The flood gates are open for AVC 2011.

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Solder of the Ages

Building your latest satellite with old solder? You might want to think it over.

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What to do with an overflowing cup of electronics

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Pete and Ryan's Excellent Sketching in Hardware 2010 Adventure

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Custom stingray covered gaming watch, plus Antimov videos now accepted

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Antimov Competition

Introducing the Antimov competition! Who can build the robot that does the most insignificant task, fail spectacularly, and then self destruct?

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Director of Engineering Pete Dokter plots the data from a rocket launch - and suggests a new method for testing SparkFun products!

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Series and Parallel Circuits

August 20, 2013

An introduction into series and parallel circuits.
  • It’s the XSR: https://www.readymaderc.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=344_346_354_356&products_id=5127

  • Code is posted!


  • 1) I think I’ll be posting the code today, and I’ll leave a comment with a link here in the comments when I do so.

    2) Thanks, but I didn’t have to level-shift the inverted signal. It was already 3.3V.

  • I don’t have a plan in that regard, but it occurs to me that you could already use any number of other RF systems (not necessarily RC) to achieve that framework. Xbee’s, for example. You’re not committed to to using the RC channels or the 2.4G protocols used. I still want the gimbals and switches offered by a standard RC controller, but I wanted more control over what I could do with them. For the system you’re suggesting, I would imagine that an RC controller box like mine would be superfluous, meaning that I don’t think I’d start with that. But you could certainly hack the switches in the box with a uC or SBC…

  • Yes. Yes, you do.

  • I dig it. There are a lot of possibilities that I can foresee. Maybe a newly defined challenge event every year. But the one I’m most jazzed about (and actively working on) is drone laser tag.

  • That’s what I thought. And it’s not like no one’s thought of this - there are plenty of what you might call “research platforms” in drone format that allow for programming esoteric functions, but they tend to be really expensive. This would enable anyone with a garden variety racing quad to do some creative stuff without mucking about in the FC firmware.

  • Well…

    “We’ll also be having an autonomous human rider class.”

    To be clear, the PRS guys can’t come this year due to a scheduling conflict. But we ARE having a piece of the competition as effectively A+PRS. I’ve been calling it “Autonomous Death Race 2017”, but we’ll see if somebody stomps on that name before the event. Reference for you youngsters = https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_Race_2000. All hail David Carradine!

  • It will be held at Maker Faire Denver.

  • Maybe a piecemeal 3d printed approach? Then JB Weld the pieces together… maybe that’s too janky. Or CNC some wood for a nice… um, woody sort of thing. In any case, nice work!