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Power electronics control to reduce hard disk drive acoustics pure tones

  • You might look into using Tortoisegit as a GUI alternative if you’re not a command line warrior. (http://code.google.com/p/tortoisegit/)

    It’s stable, includes great Diff tools, and really streamlines the git process.

  • In the end, releasing 20 people’s order information, relatively harmless and useless data, in an attempt to catch a criminal who is likely doing serious damage to thousands of people seems like fair tradeoff.

    At first it seemed like the law enforcement was bullying SparkFun to collect data, but they also showed themselves to be reasonable by compromising on the requested data-set.

    I think this post sits as a good reminder to your customers, that you shouldn’t use SparkFun products for evil, because it could catch up to you in unexpected ways.

  • Keeping the old pick-and-place machine busy. Last time he ran out of work…well let’s just say both Nathan and a horn went missing for an unspecified period of time.

  • Keeping the old pick-and-place machine busy. Last time he ran out of work…well let’s just say both Nathan and a horn went missing for an unspecified period of time.

  • You don’t understand how happy seeing those binder pages has made me! A few months ago, after seeing a blog post of a guy using a coin collector book to store parts, I spent hours searching through at least 98% of the internet trying to find binder pages with a folding flap like these.
    And now… here they are!!

  • I totally agree with Items #1 and #3, however I think (and hope) Moore’s law will keep marching on.
    I’ve been saying for a long time: eventually we’ll have the ability to up-vote/down-vote people while we are driving. If someone cuts you off: down-vote, a friendly car moves over to let you merge: up-vote. Maybe people who are rated as really poor drivers will be highlighted red in our windshield HUD to notify us of potentially dangerous/poor drivers.
    I think we’ll also have the ability to “drop” messages off with other cars. It would be nice to send someone a message just letting them know their tail-light is out. Of course, this leaves the possibility for abuse, but the internet is already vetting some good techniques for community control.
    Using something like Apple’s new Siri, a few cameras with license plate detection software, a mini-projector, and little car wifi hotspots and we’re almost there.

  • Any chance you’ll be selling a higher bandwidth version anytime soon? I would love to have a compact scope like this at home but I would need at least a 500MHz version.

  • I’m not a fan of any of those selections. I prefer the graphic SparkFun has been using (shown above). Bummer.

  • I agree with NinjaMoose. Python + matplotlib = win!

  • I just saw this up on Engadget a few days ago:
    Nike files patent for auto-lacing sneakers
    Hopefully, that doesn’t cause any problems for Blake.

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