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Description: These are very handy. They are simple angle brackets with one threaded and unthreaded hole. Use them for connecting PCBs at 90 degree angles, mounting accelerometers, gryros, etc. They can also be used on the universal plate set for mounting all sorts of sensors and such.

Sold as single units.


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Customer Comments

  • FINALLY! Awesome! This will make case-building so much easier! Thank you!<br />
    <br />
    Any chance of getting ones with both holes threaded?<br />

  • Hey guys, can anyone tell me if a M3 screw fits on this angle bracket? Even if it takes a little pushing… Since a 4-40 screw have a diameter of 2.845mm I guess it wouldn’t be a problem. Did anyone tried it before? Thanks!

  • Would these be good conductors to use as a switch plate?

  • Dimension from outside vertical edge to the center of the horizontal hole? Symmetrical?

  • Would love to have slightly bigger ones, say 0.5" length or so. These are so tiny you can barely fit two screw heads on the inner side. If I want to use a nut on the inner side, it’s practically impossible…

  • What is the brackets thickness?

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