Interface Cable RP-SMA to U.FL

This connector cable interfaces UFL RF connectors to RP-SMA antennas. Use it to attach any standard RP-SMA 2.4GHz antenna to the our WiFly Shield.

  • 4" Length

Customer Comments

  • This is the connector you need if you want to breakout your wifi antenna from the inside of your laptop (I.E. wardriving)

    • lovely idea, except for the horribly designed by HP. anyone know where i can find a 12" version?

  • Do you buy chance have this any longer?
    I have a 17 Laptop, which they have the Wifi Card in the middle of the board, and to successfully reach the side of the case with an empty spot to drill a hole for the SMA connector, I would have to snack the wire.
    I bought the 4in one, without making note of the length. I need something longer, 9" or more.

  • Does anybody know what is the longest size of this type of wire that I can find and where I can find it?

  • Can this cable be used with the Arduino Yun?

  • Anybody have tips on how to crimp on a new U.FL connector? I actually need to make this cable shorter so I want to cut, strip, and connect a new U.FL female connector on.

  • This connector seems to be somewhat fragile - the U.FL end will separate from the cable is you aren’t careful - I’ve had it happen to 2 of mine.
    Relatedly, any idea when they will be back in stock?

    • Ditto’s on the fragile end. 2 of 3, and I was being VERY careful after number 1!
      I took my one remaining and put shrink tubing that barely fit over the connector. Pushed as far out on the connector as possible,then shrunk. It helps a lot.
      I do note the other end has heat shrink tubing from manufacture. Maybe this step could be added to the small end. If soldering the cable to the XBee directly fails, I will mod the new cables this way.

      • The U.FL connector is only intended to be disconnected 3 or 4 times. Keeping spares around is a good idea.

    • It’s looking like it will be late August before we’ll see these back on the storefront.

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Excellent quality!

I use these with high power 900MHz XBee modules in rockets and high altitude balloons. these things are tough and the ufl connection is very sturdy.