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Magic Blue Smoke Refilling Kit

Note: This was one of our April Fool's products for 2011. Sadly, it's not real.

On a recent trip to South America I made a shocking discovery. Deep in the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve, our team came across a rare vegetative moss. The spores of this ancient plant proved to be quite useful to us. Through specialized process, we were able to carefully extract the dust from the spores and refine them into a very fine powder. Through a serendipitous accident in our research labs, a bit of this powder was let out into the air. The plume traveled across the lab and came into contact with some broken equipment we had piled in the corner. Like magic, the equipment came to life and was revived.

We toiled day and night to find the best way to harness this awesome power. Through a proprietary procedure using our inverse tetra-grammatron phase inductance focusing screen (TGPIFS for short), we were able to easily resurrect any IC reliably. Simply place the phase ring of the TGPIFS directly over your IC, inject your smoke, and you're done!

This kit comes with a single TGPIFS, an applicator pre-filled with spore powder and is capable of resurrecting approximately 20 ICs (depending on size, complexity, and damage).

Note: Please use in a well-ventilated areas as the fumes may be harmful.


  • 12v, 150A input for TGPIFS
  • Applicator good for roughly 20 ICs
  • Kit designed for SMD or PTH
  • Disposable applicator


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