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SparkFun Coffee Mug

Replacement: None. We are no longer carrying this mug in our catalog. This page is for reference only.

Coffee and beer seem to be our two favorite vices so we thought we'd offer both beverage vessels. High quality orlando 13oz coffee mug emblazed with the SparkFun logo. Guaranteed to make coffee taste better, but unfortunately not as good as beer.


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  • Just got my cup. When held in the left hand the logo faces outwards. Since I'm a left hander it is awesome!

  • Nerd could be considered a step up to some... see this awesome Venn diagram!:

  • "something we use everyday, like ohms law." Geek.
    might have to buy it anyway. I love mugs.

  • RETIRED?! I was just about to add it to my cart... (Any spares?)

    • I think they got pulled off store front so we can use them as swag for events like Maker Faires and class workshops, as well as caption contests and the like.

  • Most would think geek is an insult but it can be taken as a compliment too. I'm not afraid to admit I'm a geek.

  • This mug is awesome. 8 oz of liquid fills the mug to more-or-less the exact point where the 'hook' on the inside of the handle stops. This allows for perfect in-mug measuring of your favorite instant beverages!
    The extended capacity is also a welcome bonus if you're drinking liquids other than instant powdered stuff - it's a perfect vessel to disguise my beer and avoid the condescension of my beer-hating wife.

  • I'm a geek... I'll admit it.
    But it's all good, geeks are cool now.
    Reference the Venn diagram in RogueBoticist's post:
    Obsessive and Intelligent but NOT socially inept.
    I'm also a coffee geek... And I need more mugs...
    I do have all that FreeDay Cash...

    • I've owned this product for a few weeks now. It shows an incredible compatibility with most beverages, it seems to have positively effected my geek-rating, and is totally RoHS compliant (no dangerous levels of lead in my coffee)...
      I did have to add cream and sugar for my application, so it'd be nice to see a break-out board with those components integrated. Great part, though, and I may buy some more (you know, so I can network them.)

  • billiam2536: "something we use everyday, like ohms law." Geek.
    Hah :) But at least it doesn't say it directly. Maybe I should step out from closet :D

  • Or picture of Atmega 328? Or some well known schematics, for example basic 7805-circuit (capacitors etc). Or some electronic formulas that we use every day, ohm's law.. Anything. Not "geek". I'm not a geek.

  • Why it has to say "Geek"? I don't feel that word "geek" is a word that I want to be on my coffee mug.
    Better ideas "DIY" or "RTFM" ..

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