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  • Fire? Wait...What FIRE!? I thought It was supposed to be magic smoke...oh crap.

  • "Hehehe, with this Princess peach will be mine" - Luigi

  • Whoo so pumped to see you guys carrying the freesoc, I've been playing around with the ones I got from the kick-started...2hours ago, being able to design circuits as a hardware function and not just with code, one of the biggest limits I've come across is a lot of the cypress designed blocks for say the dac/adc, mixer, stuff that has an option to use the internet clock is limited to 1MHz, so if you wanted to do a nice 100 step sine wave with the dac...no dice, even though you can set the internal master to upto 64MHz with just the internal timing circuit.

  • You may want to add in that the 18650's are do not have an auto LVD circuit, since there are 18650, 15800, 14500 sized lipos that do have a built in LV shutdown circuit built in.

  • DJ Hymel and DJ TalBott team up for the first time since the 60/30 Tin/Lead album to bring you their new remix, "ROHS 8-Bit Innuendo" where they lay down some of the nerdiest and hardest hitting 8-bit tracks since Super Mario! Only available in Dip-32 and LQFP.

  • Had 2 of these sensors sitting around for a project I just now started getting time to make, and ATM I'm able to get acceptable values at @3.3v using a FreeSOC mini, the only issue I have is that my calculated checksum value is does not match the broadcast-ed check sum value,

  • the digikey connectors are here for the through hole, so far these may very well be the biggest PIA on a circuit I'm doing.

  • The bigger question is does he want to give up playing around with the new products or does he want to be hounded by the paparazi.

  • It won't work since the the GPS module is running at around 1.56GHz and the antenna is rated:
    * GSM/850E : 824 to 894MHz
    * GSM : 880 to 960MHz
    * DCS : 1710 to 1880MHz
    * PCS : 1850 to 1990MHz
    So sadly the GPS falls in between GSM and DCS.

  • No these will not interfere with a 2.4GHz rc transmitter or any other device, because in most cases a Device is running on spread FHSS or D(something)SS in both cases the signal from the transmitter is bouncing around on all the "sub" frequencies of 2.4.