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Your June Caption Contest

Time to sharpen your captioning skills!

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First off, a reminder that this weekend is the SparkFun Autonomous Vehicle Competition! We hope you’ll join us for an awesome day of fun and robotics!

Now it’s time for a caption contest! The rules are the same as always, but here’s a refresher:

  • Leave your funniest clean caption in the comments section below. We reserve the right to delete captions that we deem inappropriate. We’re not too stingy, but try to keep it moderately PG-13.
  • Captions submitted any other way besides in the comment section will not be accepted! That means do not use the feedback form!
  • Captions will be accepted from the moment this post goes live until Friday, June 20th at 10 a.m. Mountain Time.
  • A crack team of humor experts will pick the winner and we will announce it next week.

Here’s your photo:

June caption contest photo

The winner will receive $100 in SparkFun credit! Leave your comment below and good luck!

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  • Now here comes the AtMegaaaa with 328GB’s of flash memory!…Somebody help me to weld it….. :P

  • gadgetdad / last year * / 19

    “We’re now a quarter of an inch tall, and sixty four feet from the SOLDERING IRON. That’s an equivalent of three-point-two miles. That’s a long way. Even for a man of science.”


  • From the creators of “The Lion King” and “The Breakout Board for FT232RL USB to Serial” comes the nerdiest movie yet - Shawn Hymel and Will Talbott star in “Honey, I Shrunk the Engineers!”

  • Preppers….one showing off his silver solder stash the other executing his right to bear ARMs.

    • Haa…Too bad it’s NOT an ARM…cus that was clever

  • Introducing Sparkfun’s most expressive contribution to the Open Source community. Their new Rap Album (feat. Dr. Kiss and 328 Cent). Includes hits such as Don’t Stop Programming, We are never ever getting it back together, and Atmel by Morning.

  • DJ Silver Kiss and MC AT MEGA’s new album cover…

  • A metal slime draws near! Atmel attacks! The attack failed and there was no loss of Hit Points! The metal slime is running away.

  • AsaJ / last year / 5

    This is why you don’t buy electronics made in Texas.

  • What do you get when you mix an AVR with a Hersey’s Kiss?

    A Mega Dip Chip!

    ;-> (cjh)

  • We’re going to need a bigger board.

  • We’re gonna make that Big Time Watch literally BIG!

  • This is what happens when you work with smart-alecky engineers and ask for a larger chip

  • Shawn: It’s a hundred and six miles to Denver, we’ve got a full bag of stuff, a giant ATMega, it’s light, and we’re wearing glasses…

    Will: Hit it.

  • Ira3 / last year / 3

    “ IC what you got, SOLDER DROP! ” With the best rap beat you can imagine

  • Hallmark’s failed Fathers' Day card. Message says, “A big kiss to a chip off the old block”

  • Levi / last year / 3

    It’s not so much of a microcontroller anymore, is it?

  • The Sparkfun employee game of charades was frustrating. The secret phrase was thirty two thousand bites, but the guesses were all about chocolate chips. Will and Ted believed everyone would know the program memory size of the ATMEGA328. The effort required to consume the large amount of chocolate was equally obvious. Frustrating.

  • The new AtMega Mega Chipset for the Arduino MEGA!

  • Hobby electronics: Where bit-banging is cool, a third hand is awesome, and having a good old solder sucker can sometimes make your day. Also, all the girls are intelligent, all the guys have huge components, and the greatest fear is that your chip might be too big for its socket.

  • I don’t care how much solder paste you have, you can’t solder it, it’s through-hole! These engineers just get too excited by the new ATSuperMegas. Sheesh!

  • While incredibly lifelike, Sparkfun’s new line of cookie making microbots are still easily confused by the simplest of ingredients…

  • The new rap album, Chips ‘n’ Chips: Extra Large Edition

  • Where there’s a Will, there’s a way.

  • AT MEGA’s 1st poop.

  • Were down to make anything bigger and better. DIPS and chocolate chips especially.

  • You got your chocolate in my Mega! You got your Mega in my chocolate! Two great things that have nothing to do with each other…

  • jma89 / last year * / 2

    Kiss and Chips - Every nerd’s favorite combination.

  • Introducing the Arduino Maximus! First 100 orders get a free Mega Hersey Kiss.

  • IC you…. and I brought you chocolate.

  • Oh Yeah… we got your Chocolate Chip right here!!!

  • Which chip is your favorite? Vote in the comments below!

  • OMG! From the looks of things we’ve been shrunk!

  • Those aren’t the kind of kisses you want on your MEGA.

  • let’s make a big chocolate machine! :D

  • IC Will gettin' Kissed

  • The experiment to expand an AVR to gargantuan size was a success! However, it now produces gigantic solder poops, which is not so nice.

  • The super sized ATmega is still smaller than Intel’s 4004.

  • Will and Shawn pose with the chip set of the first generation of cell phones. No wonder they were so big!

  • Put the soldering iron down or the chip and kiss get it.

  • Meet the Sparkfun’s assembly line minions…Solder Steve and Through-hole Pete. Go RED team! soldering iron gang sign

  • This week, Will and Shawn demonstrate the AtMega328’s new compatibility with Bluetooth and “Sweetooth”.

  • Introducing a new data communication protocol produced by the unique collaboration between Hershey’s Chocolate and Atmel Electronics: Sweetooth!

  • Introducing the new Atmel size standard “Iphone5s” and you get new fangled lightweight soldier to use with it, go big or go home.

  • Shawn and Will pose after being hired by Zordon to rebuild the Power Rangers' zords for AVC. Go! Go! Power Rangers!

  • Probably should add these to your next Sparkfun order, guys!

  • Really? learn.sparkfun.com now targeting the visually impaired?

  • The hard part is the AA battery model - clearly a two person lift!

  • Macro Electronics - a quickly forgotten technology

  • There’s not much to it. Imagine this is what your Learn to Solder Simon Kit looks like to an Ant

  • Here’s a long-distance dedication from Boulder, Colorado; Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.

  • Did anyone check with the Hacker-in-Residence? Experimental Dimmer gone awry?

  • Tim Tiny and Sid Small here again to entertain us

  • At big-evil-hardware company we’d do a die-shrink first. Did something go wrong here?

  • Oh, no! Two more Sparkfunions stuck helping that Nick Poole!

  • Hardware engineers back from their big shopping trip!

  • Today’s hardware lesson teaches us about scale.

  • What’s the big idea, guys?

  • On the next episode of “Honey, I Blew Up the Workshop”–Shawn and Will try to put together a homemade Arduino, with super-sized parts. Tune into Channel 3479 at 12:00 A.M. Mountain Time for this new episode

  • When the chips are down, I just want a kiss

  • Another Ding and Dent production build special. DD-1209 $0.23 (only 2 left)

  • Sparkfun’s ‘Chip’s’ and ‘Dip’

  • Making the growth ray was easy. Deciding what to shoot with it…

  • Introducing Surgru-Shrink Mold your latest new IC design, then heat shrink to fit

  • We never expected this when we reversed polarity on the new radiation detector…

  • We’ll have more kissin' and dissin' next time on, “Yo, MTV Hacks!”

  • bdin / last year / 1

    “Wait, what? You said that some part of this has to be soldered to ground, right!?!”

  • Will shows off his super smooth pictographic flirtation style. “I, Will, Give you Mega Kisses”

  • We found a way to fit more engineers in a cube!

  • Get the new album from SparkFunRapsters, Rap this Circuit.

  • t27 / last year / 1

    With SMDs dominating the small chips, Sparkfun gives the DIP its true place! Introducing the “BIG DIP”, DIP’s as they should be, and dont worry were giving enough solder to solder this chip atleast 10 times over!!

    • t27 / last year / 1

      And to all other commenters, thats a solder blob there, not a Hersheys Kiss. The Hersheys chocolates have a paper strip coming out from the top and they’re not so deformed!! :)

  • Kiss my At mega!

  • Ogre / last year * / 1

    Promo shot for rappers “Solderr Globz” and “IC Multipins”. Cools the rule

  • “This is the the way that you should solder an ATMega 328 chip…..just don’t add this much solder to it BTW WARNING: DO NOT PLAY MUSIC WHILE SOLDERING OR YOU MIGHT FORGET YOUR SOLDER ON! ”

  • A reliable source leaked a photo of Sparkfun’s secret experiment slated to be the ultimate Raspberry Pi killer, the “Kiss Box”. No word yet on whether Hershey’s has bought off on the idea or if initial prototypes have made it through customs.

  • We finally carry the new Arduino Massive; as an added bonus, each order will be packaged to look like a giant pillow!

  • Homegrown Boulder style yo!…all lead-free!

  • After being shrunk to 10 cm tall by their Arduino powered project, Will and Ted are sure that reconfiguring the ATMEGA328 using the foil from a Hershey’s kiss will reverse the effects. Maybe.

  • What happens when a Hershey’s Kiss and an ATMEL AMEGA328 mate? Sparkfun babies!!!

  • Sparkfun + Atmel = XOXOXOXO

  • I wanna see the teeny tiny pen that made Will’s name tag.

  • I got your MEGA right here! Now kiss it!

  • Parts from Sparkfun: $120. Shipping: free. Recreating Honey I Shrunk the Kids: priceless.

  • “Your ICy MCs: ‘I’ flows alot and Magic Smoke”

  • Dr. ATMega & DJ White Chocolate presents “Don’t Touch my Solder”

  • Shawn the soldering iron with a solder blob & Will the helping hands with a Atmega, ready to be soldered just need a sparkerson to do that.

  • Hey Shawn, I will trade you my Hershey’s Bar for your Giant Hershey’s Kiss! Deal?

  • ICC, how can I explain it I’ll take you frame by frame it To have y'all jumpin' shall we singin' it . You down with ICC (Yeah you know me), You down with ICC (Yeah you know me), You down with ICC (Yeah you know me)

  • Next Ardiuno rev is sponsored by Hershey and will be called “Cioccolato”

  • Chocolate chip crackers

    (Punny mild racism. Shame it probably shouldn’t win. Oh, and I’m allowed to use that word, I’m white :-P)

  • Electronics hobbyist many ENIAC years ago!

  • Electronics hobbyist many ENAIC years ago!

  • Now introducing the engineers version of a chocolate chip!

  • SparkFun the only place where you can get your thermite shaped like a hershy’s kiss and the new macro controllers from the same store!!!

  • Maker’s version of kiss and tell, Kiss and Atmel.

  • Next week on ‘Kisses and Chips’, the guys demonstrate the power of the Atmega328-PU.

  • Someone has finally captured a picture of the elusive “SMT” elves. See how they proudly display the bag of magic smoke right before they insert it into the IC.

  • They say science is built on the shoulders of giants. Not here. Our giants were too weak to lift our PCBs.

  • NEWSFLASH; “Sir "Cut” bored by Hershey kiss."

  • I’m not sure, but I think they’re trying to say we better leave them all of the Sugru and AVR chips to them in our will…..

  • Heyy Yo! Watch my reflow.

  • You didn’t misplace those components. The Borrowers also embrace Open Source.

  • Unable to prove in conventional ways, Sparkfun employees make their case that “size does matter”…

  • At Sparkfun, apparently size DOES matter…

  • Chips, chocolate to silicon, we got you covered…

  • We all saw this coming.

    Sparkfun Lady Gaga Parody video.

    Obviously, one just wants to be kissed. The other wants to show that he’s not made of silicon!

  • “You’ve all seen peanut butter and chocolate, but Sparkfun’s new combination is shockingly delicious.”

  • “You got your chocolate in my Atmel!” “You got your Atmel in my chocolate!” “Two great chips that go great together!”

  • Team RoHSey KiSS representin'

  • It works! The Sparkfun Wonkavision kit is now available as a through-hole soldering kit. Retail packaging also available.

  • The Sparkfun engineers responsible for the prototypes of two amazing ideas!1

  • Giant Hershey’s kiss and microchips

  • They were asked to go to the shop for a bag of chips…

  • Open Source Hershey’s Kisses… That’s right.

    1. That’s what I call a giant chocolate chip Mr. Rebus!
    2. No more fighting. I’ll give you a big kiss, and you take that big chip off your shoulder.
  • Leif / last year / 1

    K.I.S.S this chip!

  • Well I suppose this is a different way of looking at it when I said make those joints smaller.

  • This is a PIC of a macrochip!!!

  • Hi friends, here is our big pic … sorry our big Atmel!!!

  • Honey, I shrunk the engineers!

  • DJ Hymel and DJ TalBott team up for the first time since the 60/30 Tin/Lead album to bring you their new remix, “ROHS 8-Bit Innuendo” where they lay down some of the nerdiest and hardest hitting 8-bit tracks since Super Mario! Only available in Dip-32 and LQFP.

  • Jade / last year * / 1

    When we asked our marketing team to host a huge Atmega sale by offering a sweet deal, they took it way too literally.

  • Shawn: This isn’t what I meant when I said “give me a big kiss”

    Will: In this next tutorial, I will be teaching UART. And not the watercolour kind.

  • SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: All future product shots will be done in this format, for reference; Shawn is currently 5 7/8 inch tall and Will a round 6 inch.

  • Rapping about chips and wafers

  • Come to the parteah at Sparkfun! We gonna has Kiss ‘n’ Chips…errr…ummm… Ooh, like chocolate kisses and semiconductor chips…yeah…that was awkward… Hey Bill, lets not EVER talk about this EVER again. Okay Jeff, yeah, sorry man…

  • The heart and soul of Megatron is as simple as a bit of solder and an MCU

  • Drok / last year / 1

    The new Sparkfun rap duo, Big Chip.

  • Shoot! I knew that Moore’s Law couldn’t go on forever. Now it has shrunk US! What am I supposed to do with this MEGA ATMega?

    What are you complaining about? Now you can actually see the bits inside the chip, programming it should be a snap. What about ME? If the Hershey’s kiss is this huge, I am terrified of WHAT COMES NEXT!

  • GCF / last year / 1

    I hope you guys are ready to party! We brought joints and chips! (This comment is legal in Boulder, CO)

  • NEW: “Chocolate Chips” Now with added lead!

  • IC two huge nerds with a huge IC.

  • Sparkfun’s smallest employees find nourishment and supplies for the upcoming NoCo Mini Maker Faire

  • When the great Nate said the company needed to “down-size”, his unwitting employees had no idea his reference to size should be taken LITERALLY. Now, in addition to befriending ants and sleeping amongst the grass blades, the shrunken Sparkfun staff need to be fearful of RC lawnmowers - and ESPECIALLY autonomous lawnmowers, coming this week to the AVC!

  • Its going to take this much solder to make the Arduino for Atmels newest addition to the ATmega family.

  • It was surprisingly easy to retrain the oompa loompas for electronics manufacturing.

  • The free Hershey’s kiss with each chip purchase promo just never had the right feel to it.

  • … and now, with the newest SparkFun components, you too can build your very own 3D printer! What will YOU print first?

  • If you eat that Hershey Kiss you’ll get a little bit of lead poisoning!

  • Are we not men? We are micro!

  • IC Money

  • Why@ / last year / 1

    Alright, who’s been messing with the Transmogrifier?

  • Whats is the silver sack for? A beanbag chair for Will’s megacontroller?

  • I told you we’d get the design down to one I.C., … but this is how much solder you’ll need.

  • Hey kids, we’re here to rap with you about the boards and the bees!

  • Guys, somebody get me the Chip-Quick…. No…not a chocolate chip! Arrg… not a microchip either! Look, I appreciate the effort but you’ve got to learn the products!

  • Are you down with the Chips and Chocolate? MCs SparkFun Will and SideKick Brian are for sure …

  • Solder at will!

  • How this for a blast from the past - VLSI!

  • Brick-tastic!

  • Totally bricked!

  • Introducing the Chip bothers! Chocolate and Micro!

  • Been spending most our lives living in a Hacker’s Paradise (Gansta’s Paradise Parody from Sparkfun)

  • And now live from Sparkfun Amphitheater, Mc Uno’s new song “CHIPS Are Better Than Kisses”

  • Yo dawg look my GF gave me this giant chocolate kiss! Are you kidding me?? My GF got me this huge ATMega chip. That’s true love right there!

  • The nerdcore tv show “Chocolate CHiPs”, was never quite the same without Erik Estrada.

  • This thing is burning my hands, photoshopping the rest of the guitar in will have to wait.

  • We got your INDISCRETE components right here

  • All right, who ordered the extra large kiss and chip?!?!

  • Giving tons of kisses to Will on his birthday.

  • Yo! Kiss my Chip!

  • Sparkfun’s tour of the Atmel chocolate factory

  • Microchip ?! HELL NO! we invented the Macrochip! because BIGGER! is better! Right?!

  • Mint my Kiss.

  • You think you know through hole? Check out this cold joint.

  • Fish and chips.

  • I got 99 problems but a Kiss ain’t one… chip me. Or:) I got 99 problems but a Chip ain’t one… Kiss me.

  • Kash / last year / 1

    “Because we can”

  • Yo! check out the new MEGA MEGA kit from Sparkfun. Super easy through hole soldering and we are even throwing in a bag of solder paste for that new board you are planning to build…it’s gonna be huge, yo!

  • Honey I shrunk the engineers

  • Knobs made it easier to finish this project and adjust the level of our shrink ray.

  • Eat-duino! The all new edible electronics platform including Hershey kiss solder, and silicone chips!

  • Announcing SFE’s new “Super Product” line. Our first two offerings come in Chocolate and Silicon.

  • I like big chips and I can not lie, You other brothers can’t deny

  • SparkFun’s new micro parts pickers - the secret to their uber cool pick n place machine.

  • Their new rap video “Life iz all ‘bout da Kisses n Chips” did not turn out to be the break-way success that Clive and Zeke had hoped.

  • I don’t know who this guy is but my name is Will.

  • And for the visually impaired: Macrochips!!!!

  • Having Erred Really Sizedly, Helpless Engineers Yell, “Sparkfun!” Keeping IT Simple & Sparky.

    Reading Electrical Diagrams, Soon Having It Running Totally Safe.

  • As you can see, our experiments merging the macro-photography lens with the transporter pattern buffer have been a complete success.

  • Rappin' with the chip ‘n Kiss

  • Our Mega Chips bring all the nerds to the yard, and they’re like - “it’s better than yours!”

  • The two most common items found in the Spark Fun employees' drawers.

  • Sparkfun introduces “Soldering for the Complete Klutz”! All through hole practice kit scaled up for those geeks suffering from severe motor coordination issues that have led to so much frustration on regular PTH soldering kits, get one today!

  • Kiss our DIP

  • Honey, I shrunk the employees!

  • The newest flavor to the Hershey kiss collection.

  • Chip or Hershey’s Kiss? You decide!

  • Zefoo / last year * / 1

    1.Whats your flavor?

    2.Aint no one gonna take a byte out of these chips!

  • Sweet tooth or Blue tooth?

  • In today’s news: 2 Hackers were accidentally shrunken while working on their top secret death ray project. The suspects can be seen here holding what appears to be a giant blob of solder and an ATmega328.

  • Spark-let chip!

  • Chocolate Chip?

  • If Hershey’s and Sparkfun merged

  • Kiss through Hole Goodbye?