New Product Friday: New Bleepin' Products

This week we have yet another music making kit, a logging board, and power. Check it out.

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We’re back, and we’ve got new products. Before we get started with the video and products, I want to thank all the contestants and spectators for showing up to AVC last weekend. It was a great event and we couldn’t have done it without all of you. Well, we could have, but it would have been pretty lame. Thanks again. Now, moving on to the new stuff.

Be sure to check out this video for a good demo of what the Bleep Drum can do.

alt text

The Bleep Drum Kit with MIDI is an Arduino based, lo-fi drum machine designed by Dr. Bleep of Bleep Labs. This easy through-hole soldering kit turns into a super addictive noise-maker that’s sure to keep you entertained for irresponsible lengths of time. This version of the Bleep Drum Kit actually comes equipped with a MIDI input that allows you to trigger the four samples, toggle noises and more.

alt text

This week we have a new revision of an old classic. The Logomatic gets an update and now supports FAT32 microSD cards. This means you don’t have to search around for 1GB or 2GB cards, you can use whatever size you want. For those of you not familiar with the Logomatic, it’s an easy to use data logger. You can log serial or analog directly to an SD card. It even has a connector for a battery and an on-board charger as well.

alt text

If you want to start playing around with microcontrollers but don’t want to dive right into programming, you might want to take a look at the PicoBoard. It works with Scratch, which is a visual programming language. The PicoBoard incorporates a light sensor, sound sensor, a button and a slider, as well as four additional inputs that can sense electrical resistance via included cables.

alt text

Every project requires power. Some of them you will plug into the wall, but a lot of them will need batteries. We now have 18650 batteries for sale. These are round and a bit bigger than a AA cell. They are lithium polymers, which makes them compatible with all of our other single cell chargers. Their large capacity (2600mAh) and size make them pretty ideal for applications where a pair of AAs isn’t enough.

alt text

Of course you’re going to need a battery holder for those 18650s! We have a single and a double for you. They’re typical spring-loaded plastic holders with a hole in the bottom for mounting. I’ve found that using double-sided tape works well for securing them too.

That is all for this week. Thanks for reading and we’ll be back again next week with more new stuff, I promise. See you then.

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  • You may want to add in that the 18650’s are do not have an auto LVD circuit, since there are 18650, 15800, 14500 sized lipos that do have a built in LV shutdown circuit built in.

  • So.. The video says that the bleep drum has a MIDI OUTPUT, and the text description of it says it has a MIDI INPUT, and the video demonstrating this thing has no description at all, just a video of someone who REALLY likes to “chromakey” over their hands and a midi cable.. :-) SO.. What’s the answer, does it have both? I only see one. What is this thing? Is it a sound generator? Is it a midi out device? If it actually makes the sounds, can you load sounds onto an SD card, or is it only doing the tones I hear in the video… Sorry, this thing looks kinda cool, but I don’t know exactly what it is, even after watching 2 videos..

    • It’s an input: (from “The Bleep Drum is available as a fully built device with a MIDI input. This allows you to trigger the four samples, toggle noise and reverse modes, as well as change the pitch of all four samples with any device that can send MIDI.” So it is a MIDI-controllable sound generator, and the samples are hard-coded into (and alterable by hacking) the firmware, according to

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