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These electrifying little devices are getting more restricted by the year.

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The positives and negatives of shipping lithium batteries in the 21st century.

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  • So sorry I missed your comment! I need to ask some additional questions to give you a proper answer. If you can email cservice at sparkfun dot com ATTN: Casey I’d be more than happy to help you with the limits when you fly commercially. :)

  • You’re welcome! :)

  • There are two options. Either an air shipment with us, or a ground shipment to a freight/mail forwarder which would then be delivered by someone that company is contracted with.

  • That’s very lucky. In addition to the limits of how many batteries we can ship, and what stickers we have to put on the box, we also have packaging requirements. The boxes we use to ship batteries have been tested (Edge Crush Testing) so they are more sturdy than your regular ol' cardboard boxes. We also have extra padding for the items that are or contain a battery, just in case the box is thrown off the back of the truck.

  • Correct, these new changes are for air. Ground is still the best way to go, for now, if you’re within the contiguous U.S. Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii requires the package to get on an airplane at some point, so “ground” options have to be treated like air shipments.

  • Hello! No problem, just needed a quick review. Your order is now in the processing queue for shipping and will ship soon. :)

  • The US export laws are in depth and also include that when something arrives in the United States, no matter the origin, it then falls under those regulations. We also ship this all over the world (minus the 5 countries that are currently embargoed by the US), we just have a couple extra pieces of information we need from the buyer before we can ship this internationally.

  • No problem! The decision tree gets a bit more complex when there’s more than one battery product SKU, so in the future, after most of the orders are automated, orders like those will still have to be reviewed. We absolutely have a plan to automate it all, it’s just taking some time. :)

  • Hello! You do bring up good questions, so thank you! Right now our system doesn’t have the “brain” to be able to process these orders automatically. This is currently in process and coming closer to being finished, but in the mean time humans have to look at each order and determine what is needed. It’s a slower process and I do know that it can be inconvenient at this moment, but we will have the ability soon to automate around 50% of the orders that come in that have batteries.

  • We do use DOT regulations for domestic shipments within the 48 states. Shipping batteries on a truck doesn’t have as many restrictions. :)

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