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If you order batteries from us, you'll want to read this.

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These electrifying little devices are getting more restricted by the year.

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The positives and negatives of shipping lithium batteries in the 21st century.

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  • It sure can! You can do a ground shipment there without any issues. :)

  • We're not able to ship the battery out that way. When an order is placed, we're not really able to know if the battery you put in your cart is being purchased to go with something else you're buying.

    Batteries can definitely go via ocean, as long as your consolidator is following the IMDG rules for lithium batteries. The way the order would ship out is we (SparkFun) would pack up your order according to DOT regulations and then it would be the responsibility of your sea consolidator to make sure the package was marked and labeled correctly to ship via sea.

  • You are correct, it's not marked and I'm still working to verify that it has gone through safety testing. We can't guarantee at this time that it is certified. If you need a certified one right away, please check another vendor. I'm sorry for the inconvenience!

  • Thanks for the link! Here's the updated one for the 2017 changes. :)

  • This is one of the biggest reasons why UPS tends to have more strict rules on top of what IATA has.

  • It will in the future! Ground shipping methods will remain the same, where we can add all stand-alone batteries into one package. When we are able to offer air shipping methods again we will also be able to add all of our stand-alone batteries into an order. The max per package that we are working with now won't be an issue.

  • Hello! If you are traveling with the batteries not installed in your robot (so they are stand-alone), you are allowed to take two spares in your carry-on luggage only. The watt-hour rating needs to not be more than 100 Wh. If the battery is installed in your robot then it can be put in your checked bag or carry on with the same Wh limits. There is a mention in the IATA rules that it's subject to approval from the "operator" which is the airline. I would check with the specific airline you would be traveling with to see if they have any additional, more restrictive rules, about lithium batteries as well. :)

  • You could possibly save on shipping costs if you combine!

  • They sure can! Please pause your orders and let us know in the comment field that you'd like them combined. :)

  • Hello! Even though it says it's backordered, we'll still be able to fulfill it. You'll be charged when your order is ready to process. :)

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