Or, what happens when you literally break the mold.

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Let's welcome Glenn Samala to his crazy new family.

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Making strides in workplace diversity

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We want to educate everyone. That means helping the government when they ask.

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When New York has a ghost problem they call the Ghostbusters. When you have problems using a SparkFun part, who you gonna call?

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These electrifying little devices are getting more restricted by the year.

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Let's take a look at which OS(s) our engineers and customers prefer.

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Some surprising findings about a recent product release

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Let's check out some stats about recent tutorial usage

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We updated Sparkle and it slowed some things down. We're hoping that it will speed things up moving forward!

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This is what it looks like when 140 people count over 7 million products in one day.

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A brief look at what happens when we offer Dumpster Dive boxes and why this slowed SparkFun.com to a crawl.

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Here's when to order what to get it where you need it.

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What happens when people do bad things with good tech?

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Your repair looks good! One thing I hope doesn’t bite you, the DC voltage now available on the lamp power rails will be a bit higher than…
Sorry about that. Should be fixed now!
I went to the product page for the new IMU, and the link to the schematic pdf is dead.
I had a similar background. Got Ham License at 14, went to engineering school. Worked for Bell Labs for many years. I still like to build…
Great write up on a beautiful piece of gear!
Another way to deal with the reverse bias problem for the 5mm LEDs would be simply to put a small diode across the LED pins to short the…
To some extent, we have a similar background: I first started “tinkering” with electronics about a half-century ago (at about age 12), and…
That was one of the yak-shaving diversions I just didn’t have time to write up. It was actually problematic to test the stereo indicator…
Welcome Feldi, your going to love Sparkfun. I’ve been doing this sort of thing for over 40 years. I’m an old Z80 hacker. Looking forward to…
In this case, all the mode lamps were run from the same AC supply as the backlights, just switched by another deck on the mode switch. The…

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