The impact of managing uncertainty with a catalog of 2,400 storefront SKUs

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Our classic electronics surplus stores are disappearing. Can they be saved?

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If you order batteries from us, you'll want to read this.

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These electrifying little devices are getting more restricted by the year.

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I have a love/hate relationship with hackathons; maybe my rant can give you some helpful hints next time you compete.

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IoT, security, smart machines, home automation, VR, education tech, and more!

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Spark IO changes their name. SparkFun and Particle partner to change the world.

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Join the worldwide celebration of all things Scratch!

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The latest greatest IDE is now available for download.

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After a decade of debate and public outcry last summer, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler issued a statement today promising to protect the open Internet.

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A brilliant (ha!) use for every single one of your LEDs.

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Auto assembly-line meets your local watering hole.

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Re second photo, the one of your workbench… How do you keep it so uncluttered? I know from your blogs that you’re not one of those people…
Re- the “Arduino Weather Station Data Analysis” example… lots of Good Stuff there, if you are very serious about weather logging. But the…
When, regarding Blynk, I saw “connects a microcontroller to your phone”, I nearly stopped reading. Was it an SMS (or similar) system? No! At…
Useful guide! Thank you for writing it, Shawn. Do you happen to know how to have any one of these methods run a python program as a root…
Cool thanks! Looks awesome! I’ll have to check it out. =)
Not really a “workshop” – it’s a presentation aimed at (non-“techie”) senior citizens who’ve been hearing the words “micro:bit”, “Arduino”,…
I’m glad to see the FR-1 board availability, though given the price of a CNC machine and my budget, I can generally put up with the couple…
It’s just incredible! Guys fellows and great effort. This will undoubtedly be a contribution to education. I would like other educational…
Aaaah…that would be most unfortunate. What do you mean “noticable?” Is this a workshop?
I use it to call periodic logging events for sensors or check in logs to servers. Great for iot projects! Allows your code to be very tight…

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