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+3 to saves vs SMD components

I enjoy mixing art and engineering, and sometimes I remember to document my projects and write instructions:

Helm of Brilliance Okudagram Spectrum Shield

  • Looking sharp fellas!

  • I can’t help but play the devil’s advocate here and mention that color is an important part of branding. Examples of other trademarked colors: UPS = Brown T-Mobile = Magenta Target = Red John Deere = Green & Yellow Caterpillar = Yellow University of Texas = Burnt Orange

    These of course are all situational. John Deere doesn’t own green and yellow, thus preventing someone using those for their product. They do, however, have the trademark on green and yellow tractors and with good cause; when you see a green and yellow tractor, you assume it is a John Deere. In this case Fluke doesn’t own yellow, they own the trademark on gray MMs with a yellow border, that’s all. You are free to make gray and yellow screwdrivers, but not MMs. You could even make yellow MMs with a gray border if you wanted.

    The use of color in design is an incredibly subtle but powerful tool that advertisers use to manipulate people without them even knowing. For example, blue and orange make you want to watch movies: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/OrangeBlueContrast Seriously, proper application of color theory is a form of mind control.

  • +1 for safety!

  • Ya know, perhaps we could keep them all in one room and rig up some kind of methane generator. Go green!

  • They come prepacked upside-down in the reel. The PnP machine is set up to look for the components leads so it doesn’t notice the difference between a LED that is upside down or right side up.

  • Noooo! Those poor, poor parts! Why must they suffer?!

  • Well, I’m feeling the irresistible compulsion to build one of these vacuum beds. I think that our vacuum pump would do the trick for small panels. I totally dig this concept of having a vacuum box designed for swappable beds, I think that is exactly what this ATE-001-Vacuum Fixture is, but the website is kinda vague.

  • I’ve been waiting until everyone goes home so I can frolic in the new robotics stock without anyone hearing me shriek with glee; its pretty much the best place ever!

  • I think one of the best sources of diy education comes from other people’s projects and tutorials. It’s a big world out there and usually someone has already built something that uses the same elements that I want to use for projects. When they share their documentation you can study the designs, learn from their mistakes, and build upon what they’ve done (even if the end result is totally different.) Instructables.com is of course one of my favorites!

  • For me it was learning how a keyboard can have so many buttons, but use so few wires to connect to the computer. I just couldn’t get my head around the concept until I started to understand how fast microcontrollers can talk to one another (very very quickly.)

    Another was finding out that, if you’re a uC with a fast clock speed, light and sound don’t really move that fast relatively speaking. For each clock cycle of an Arduino Uno light only travels about 60 feet. In that same amount of time a sound wave wouldn’t have moved even one-tenth of a millimeter!