OptoTheremin by NPoole

Here’s the wishlist for the OptoTheremin Noise Box that we’ll be making in the first ever episode of SparkFun Live.

You’ll also want to have a soldering iron handy, as well as some hookup wire, wire strippers, tape and a fun enclosure of some kind for your finished noisemaker.

Join us Monday, December 9 at 3PM MST

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Product Quantity Subtotal
Infrared Sensor Jumper Wire - 3-Pin JST
In stock SEN-08733
1 1.5
Rotary Potentiometer - 10k Ohm, Linear
In stock COM-09939
1 0.95
Rotary Potentiometer - 10k Ohm, Logarithmic
In stock COM-09940
1 0.95
GTE Knob - Large
In stock COM-11950
2 1.5 ea.
Infrared Proximity Sensor Short Range - Sharp GP2D120XJ00F
Retired SEN-08959
1 13.95
Thin Speaker
In stock COM-10722
1 0.95
Battery Holder - 4xAA to Barrel Jack Connector
In stock PRT-09835
1 2.49
RedBoard - Programmed with Arduino
Out of stock DEV-11575
1 24.95
Total: 48.74