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I’m Nick.

I look like this:


I’m from the Future.

I’m also the Creative Technologist ‘round these parts, whatever that means…

I get to build things like this:


Here’s a list of more scary devices for which I’m responsible:

  • The Sound Squid - A multi-player drum machine
  • The Kittehz Box - A cat-based camera prank
  • The Dreadmill - The scariest workout ever
  • Mr. Twitchy - Jenga and Electrical Muscle Stimulation… combined.
  • MechanoPong - Electro-mechanical Pong clone
  • The PESTO - A keyboard that plays water-filled glasses
  • ShakeSphere - A babbling ball of poetic nonsense
  • The SCORPION - A potato cannon… on a 6-wheel robot chassis
  • The EPIC - A ballpoint pen-firing assault rifle
  • The Big Ugly Camera - A single pixel, electromechanical, digital camera
  • The Battle Bracer - laser tag gets a sci-fi LARP treatment
  • Radical54 - A Jansen Linkage robot that never quite walked / a coffee table
  • Virtual Curling - The dumbest thing I’ve ever built
  • SFE-80 Model I - A vintage computer that never existed

In my spare time, I do this:


Which isn’t much different from what I do here.

Go check out my blog called Fringeneering

Also, my YouTube channel called FringeneeringLabs

Happy Hacking.

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  • Keep in mind also that not everyone is using these for ECG/EKG applications. I use them for GSR as well, which is a 2-lead job… so there’s really no ideal number. The Bitalino board, for instance, uses 5 electrodes at a time.

  • It’s great, isn’t it? That’s the MICROMOT Drill Stand for PROXXON MICROMOT rotary tools.

  • Ask and you shall receive! BOM

  • I love the embossing label makers, I use it whenever I can. I also have a DYMO RHINO industrial label maker that will print shrink-tube. That’s been an awesome addition to the shop.

    I aspire to one day own the old-school dymo embosser for metal tape labels.

  • I drink a lot of coffee and have a nice little collection of mugs. The one pictured was custom printed, it has my name and some info on it and is barcoded accordingly.

    All of my workspace coasters are hard drive platters.

  • To be honest I rarely have a need for scopes or analyzers but when I do, I have the USB versions tucked next to the rework station.

    Describing the process of a project is a great idea! Maybe I’ll pick one that will be easy to document in-situ and make a blog post out of that.

    Those Stanley-Vidmar modular parts drawers are awesome. I looked at something similar for this space but I couldn’t justify the cost. Maybe next time around.

  • Mine definitely looks that way mid-project (actually, that doesn’t look so bad!)

    Some people are clean-as-you-go, and I tried to do that for a while. It definitely has its merits but I found that on tight deadlines, I’m better off letting everything get messy and then cleaning thoroughly between projects.

  • Hey Everybody!

    It’s worth noting that in the case of our 3W LEDs, the FemtoBuck won’t drive them to their full (blinding) brightness out of the box. In default configuration, the FemtoBuck is set up to supply about 1/3 of the power that those LEDs can dissipate. You can, however, swap out the sense resistor to pump up the volume.

    Check out the hookup guide for details!

    Happy Hacking!

  • Yup! I’m simply passing the USB connection through the slip ring. Noise isn’t a problem (at least not in the sense that it would leave video artifacts) because of USB’s (shockingly robust) comm protocol. If data packets fail CRC check, the host won’t ACK and they get re-sent by the sender.

    In short, if you measured the practical transfer speed across the moving slip ring, it would be lower than in an uninterrupted USB cable (due to packets getting lost/corrupted and re-sent) but there’s still more than enough capability left to pass webcam video!

  • Hey man, Aren’t they great??

    We don’t actually sell those, but they’re available from GlobalIndustrial. I’ll do a blog post before too long about the way my new shop is organized. Those parts bins with the red latches are inexpensive Homak Brand Organizers which happen to fit beautifully, side-by-side, in this particular size of Nexelate wire shelving

    This was my (sort-of) thrifty response to Adam Savage’s incredible Sortimo boxes and it’s working out fantastically so far.

    If anyone from GlobalIndustrial is reading, can I get a piece of the action $$$ from these web-referrals? :P


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