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I’m Nick.

I look like this:


I’m from the Future.

I’m also the Creative Technologist ‘round these parts, whatever that means…

I get to build things like this:


Here’s a list of more scary devices for which I’m responsible:

  • The Sound Squid - A multi-player drum machine
  • The Kittehz Box - A cat-based camera prank
  • The Dreadmill - The scariest workout ever
  • Mr. Twitchy - Jenga and Electrical Muscle Stimulation… combined.
  • MechanoPong - Electro-mechanical Pong clone
  • The PESTO - A keyboard that plays water-filled glasses
  • ShakeSphere - A babbling ball of poetic nonsense
  • The SCORPION - A potato cannon… on a 6-wheel robot chassis
  • The EPIC - A ballpoint pen-firing assault rifle
  • The Big Ugly Camera - A single pixel, electromechanical, digital camera
  • The Battle Bracer - laser tag gets a sci-fi LARP treatment
  • Radical54 - A Jansen Linkage robot that never quite walked / a coffee table
  • Virtual Curling - The dumbest thing I’ve ever built
  • SFE-80 Model I - A vintage computer that never existed

In my spare time, I do this:


Which isn’t much different from what I do here.

Go check out my blog called Fringeneering

Also, my YouTube channel called FringeneeringLabs

Happy Hacking.

Teardown: Nest Protect

Merry Christmas everyone! We hope everyone has a great holiday season, whether you celebrate Christmas, Festivus, Hanukkah, or nothing at all. You may remember back is 2011 when Nate busted open a Nest thermostat to have a look at its inside bits. We liked what we saw! So much so, in fact, that we…

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Back to "The Future!"

A few weeks ago I wrote about the concept of The Future and what has changed about it since the days when we dreamed of flying cars and food pills. I probably spend too much time thinking about it… so I wanted to know what everyone else thought. Turns out, I’m not the only one…

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SparkFun in 3D

In the past couple of weeks you may have noticed these icons popping up on product pages all over the catalog: So what’s it all about? Well you may remember a news post from April where I mentioned that myself and two other SparkFun folks were going to amass a collection of 3D models for…

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Whatever Happened to The Future?

If you haven’t read William Gibson: Do it. It’s okay, I’ll wait. Just pick up anything and start reading. The science fiction novelist who coined the term “cyberspace” continues to have a keen eye for the ways in which culture is driven by technological change. Recently…

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New Product Friday: HUB-ee Buggy Robot

Another week, another batch of new products. I’m excited about this one because we have some very cool new robot wheels and I wanted to try them out. Let’s jump right in and take a look! Vimeo version can be found here Not bad, right? I think the HUB-ee Buggy was actually kind of cute,…

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3D Models of SparkFun Parts!

Computer drafting technology has come a long way in just a short time. That makes sense, I suppose, because computers haven’t been around for very long. Even the mathematics to describe curves in a computable way is fairly young. Only a few decades ago you had to use CAD (Computer Aided…

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New Product Friday: Do A Barrel Roll!

Is it Friday again already? Wow! Well let’s see what kind of new products we’ve got for this week. Once again I’ll be your host while Rob’s out of town irradiating himself. Vimeo version can be found here Don’t hate on my pull-chain barrel jack switch! If you found…

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New Product Friday: Mux Mux Revolution

Welcome Back! Robert’s on vacation for a few weeks so I’ll be showcasing our new products. This week it looks like it’s all about giving your Arduino some new abilities. Let’s jump in and see what we’ve got! Vimeo link here Aside from the terrible music and the…

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Vacuum Forming on the Super Cheap

When you're trying to execute a build, sometimes it can be hard to decide exactly what tools will be involved. That's why it's a good idea to become a Jack (or Jill) of all trades and collect an arsenal of skills for any situation. Today you'll learn one more skill to add to your…

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New Product Friday: Form Follows Function

Hey everyone, Rob's out for the week so I'll be supplying the new product news this week. Hopefully there's something in this batch that will catch your interest! Vimeo version found here. That was the unhappiest Arduino... I hope I didn't make up that stuff about using a function…

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An Unauthorized New Product Post

Since our talented videographer Gregg is out of town at a conference this week, Dave and I decided to shoot the video ourselves. It turns out that producing these videos is no small task, but in Dave's words: "It's Friday, we can't not do a product post". Come to think of it,…

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A Fasten-ating New Product Post

A quick note - Monday, September 5th is Labor Day, so the SparkFun offices will be closed! We will be back at it again bright and early on Tuesday. Is it Friday again already? Well then I guess I should roll out some new products! Let me tell you, sticking to Rob's pun quota has been no laughing…

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A Brilliant New Product Post

First off, a quick note. Due to the hurricane approaching the East Coast area of the US, some shipping may be delayed. Our thoughts are with all of those out there who may be affected by this storm. In case you missed last week's post, Rob's in Thailand on his honeymoon which means that…

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Interactive Hanging LED Array

April 10th, 2014

Learn how we converted 72 lightbulbs into an interactive LED array for our conference room.

MYST Linking Book

March 18th, 2014

Create your own Linking Book from the classic computer game, MYST

Build an Auduino Step Sequencer

March 6th, 2014

Make a Step Sequencer using an Arduino, the Auduino firmware, and a handful of hardware.

Nest Protect Teardown

January 15th, 2014

See the inner-workings of the new Nest Protect in this SparkFun Teardown.

Recreating Classic Electronics Kits

January 13th, 2014

100-in-1? 500-in-1? It's up to you when you build your own Science Fair style experiment board!

pcDuino Crowdsource Kiosk

January 9th, 2014

Getting People to do your job for you (badly) with some chocolate and a pcDuino!

Building the HUB-ee Buggy

September 6th, 2013

Let's build the HUB-ee Buggy: A simple robot based on the HUB-ee wheel system!

The Uncertain 7-Cube

March 8th, 2013

The Uncertain 7-Cube is a non-committal, less-than-helpful, but also entirely honest fortune teller. Simply ask it a yes or no question, give it a nudge, and the 7-Cube will dutifully inform you that it doesn’t have all the facts and doesn’t feel comfortable making a guess.
Name Pieces Total
Captain America Shield
Elastolite parts from the glowing Captain America shield…
8 75.15
Auduino Sequencer
Basic parts needed for ["Build an Auduino Step Sequencer…
59 107.2
Here's the wishlist for the OptoTheremin Noise Box that …
9 48.74
Cardboard Astronaut
33 37.35
10 21.35
26 186.3
SparkFun Inventor's Kit for Arduino (old)
This wishlist refers to the old version of the SIK: ht…
50 118.5
Tool Kit - Beginner
7 26.74
Tool Kit - Intermediate (Old)
This is the list of items included in the Intermediate T…
13 73.89
Tool Kit - Deluxe (Old)
This is the list of items included in the Deluxe Tool Ki…
19 193.15
Starter Kit for Arduino - Flex
18 73.9
Beginning Embedded Electronics - Power Supply Kit
15 28
Sensor Kit
16 173.85
25 54.2
Relay Control Kit
10 11.15
8 64.15
21 81.3
Oh Fudge!
9 41.2
10 14.8
Tool Kit - Deluxe
This is the list of items included in the Deluxe Tool Ki…
17 144.25
Tool Kit - Intermediate
This is the list of items included in the Intermediate T…
11 59.99
DEV-10915 and DEV-11113 are your microcontrollers. WRL-…
12 76.6
14 139.05
Retail Switch Kit
13 10.8
4 16.45
Battle Bracers
11 141.45
SparkFun Inventor's Kit for Arduino
This wishlist contains all the items that you need to bu…
28 100.25
EL Wire Stuff
25 129.25
ProtoShield Kit
This Wishlist contains all of the parts that are include…
14 9.6
McMurdo RC
Bare Minimum for Remote Control. You'll need some wire a…
13 254.55
Tool Kit - Beginner (230V)
7 26.74
Tool Kit - Intermediate (230V)
11 59.99
Button Kit
This is the parts list for the Retail Button Kit (RTL-11…
14 11.3
68 2314.6
Holy Lightbulbs, Batman!
9 50.3
Chameleon Box
Everything you need to build the Chameleon Phreak Box! …
8 30.7
27 106.75
HUB-ee Buggy
Everything I used in the HUB-ee Buggy robot build for th…
11 125.19
AVC Sales Booth
Most of these are items that I think people may need day…
15 327.35
Cables for Camera
11 7.95
19 316.6
6 119.7
Mecanum Test Platform
3 80.4
Space-Age Science Fun
A wishlist for the tutorial "Recreating Classic Electron…
14 26.95