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Description: We could talk about how the Zinc used in these nuts is only from the finest old-growth Zinc trees from across the globe and is hand picked only at the peak of the season. Or how they are expertly hand-ground by a 6th generation master grinder. And how every nut passes a rigorous 19-point inspection process at each step of the process. And how each nut's dimensional variations can only be measured on the sub-atomic level.

We could say all that, but it would be a lie. These are standard 4-40 zinc-plated nuts.

Sold in single units only.

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  • To whoever wrote the description for this, Keep it up! Love it! :)

  • Hey, my dad was a 6'th generation nut grinder, and if he could have sold his nuts for these prices we could have had real orange juice instead of Tang.<br />
    <br />
    Hopefully this is just another pricing error in a new SFE roduct post. If not, get your nuts from McMaster-Carr where they cost 15X less. And while you’re at it get the stainless steel instead, ‘cause chromium rocks.<br />

  • Are these 1/16" or 1/8"?

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