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Description: This is the kind of ¼" stereo jack you might find in home stereos and PA systems. Switched contacts allow you to detect whether or not there is something plugged in to the jack. The jack can be panel mounted in an 11mm diameter hole.

The jack comes with a plastic washer and nut for panel mounting.


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Customer Comments

  • I am looking in the eagle libraries and can not find this item. Would someone please help me out?

  • Which of these leads is T, R, and S? I’m having trouble reading the datasheet (my eyes aren’t as sharp as they used to be).

    • If you’re looking at the jack from the panel-mount end (the side with the threads and nut), and the legs are pointing downwards, it goes like this:

      The right hand set of pins are the connections.

      • the closest to the panel is the sleeve.
      • the next pin is the ring
      • the furthest from the panel is the tip.

      The left set of pins are the normals, in the same order: sleeve nearest the panel, then ring, then tip.

      When no plug is inserted, the each normal ties to it’s corresponding connection (Tip->tip normal, ring->ring normal, sleeve->sleeve normal). When the plug is inserted, these connections are broken. The connections are then tied to the signals in the jack, and the normals are left floating.

  • Is this breadboard/veroboard friendly?

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