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Description: It’s the end of the world, and you need a button to press. This is it. A 100mm diameter (outside diameter) dome illuminated push button comes with an LED, securing nut and a pre-installed long life horizontal microswitch. Button can also be adjusted to a low profile button by removing the middle ring.


  • LED indicator light runs at 12VDC
  • Bulb holder is easy to install or remove
  • 3 Terminals Button Actuator microswitch included
  • Microswitch reliability tested to 10,000,000 cycles
  • Microswitch can be replaced
  • Polycarbonate lens cap for optical clarity


  • 100 mm Diameter x 72 mm Height
  • Net weight: 100grams
  • Mounting hole diameter: 24 mm


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Customer Comments

  • kabram / last year / 1

    Can anyone tell me how much the switch in the bottom protrudes? In other words, what is the minimum height of an enclosure for this?

  • Why is this green different than the economy green?

  • The LED will also light at 5V. I measured the built in current limiting resistor at 464 ohms. Current at 5.7V was 6mA, indicating the forward voltage of the LED was 2.9V. It even lit dimly at 4V, drawing 2.8ma, meaning 2.7V forward across the LED.

    My particular 5V Arduino can source or sink 40mA per pin (200mA total), so conveniently these work directly connected to my Arduino’s pins.

  • 60mm diameter? Nope, this is big! The button alone is more like 80mm(3.13"), the total diameter is about 98mm(3.87"). The mounting hole diameter is correct at 24mm.

    The color of this particular button is actually a really nice green, not the aqua color shown in the pictures. It has very good brightness at 12V, but not so good at 5V. However the LED resistor could be changed without too much difficulty to work at well 3-5V if desired.

  • So… Big dome button Simon kit coming soon?

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Don't over-tighten!

I was mounting this thing in a high-vibration environment, so I tightened it down by hand with some thread locker, but decided to give it an extra twist with some pliers, because this thing is huge. I’ve done the same thing with many other game / amusement buttons. This one, however, crumbled. I had only intended it to be a big sort of indicator light anyway, so I just mounted it with screws.

So yeah, hand-tighten only.

Sorry to hear that this happened to you. Glad you were able to mount it in a different manner. Happy Hacking

A good big button

I use these buttons a lot and have never had a problem. They have an LED and resistor inside. They’re set up for 12v, but you can replace the resistor to use other voltages. It can be put into a 3.5" hole, or a 24mm hole. You can take it apart and put a logo or design on the translucent white disk under the colored dome. It lights up pretty bright, uses a decent microswitch, and I’ve only had one fail on me in the hundreds I’ve used. Pretty reliable button at a good price.

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