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Description: These plastic Flexible Coolant Pipes have been primarily used to spray refrigeration or washing fluid for machine tools but, thanks to their articulation, they can be used in a multitude of different ways as well. We use them as extra arms for our third hand.

The coolant pipes are 1ft long with a nozzle diameter of 3.5mm and 1/2"-20 pipe thread. Check the drawing below.


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  • Can range between $8.99 for 6, to $16 for 12 with shipping if you search for “flexible coolant pipe”.

  • I’m sorry, but that price is way over the top. This isn’t even brand-name stuff. Start selling the plates alone so we can just buy the hoses elsewhere.

    • out of curiosity, what prices are you seeing for the hoses?

      • For myself, on Amazon I’ve purchased 6x for $13 shipped. Arrived in a week. No defects, looks and operates to the same spec as those sold here, etc. Even the single-unit, Prime-shipped coolant hoses run less than $6 each. The SF prices above are on par with the brand-name Snap Flow kits that Enco sells – the site the original Instructables guide links to (

        The hoses are a commodity item, and on SF they’re simply not priced competitively, especially for no-name parts that probably come from the same Chinese warehouses. The plates, however, are the hard part of the project to find or build. The threads on the base are slightly tapered with a somewhat oddball ½"-20 threading. People don’t want to buy special tap kits or bits for that, only to have the tubes still not fit. I’m lucky enough to have a friend who has the facilities to do it right and he’s making me one with some scrap.

        I don’t know where you got the first stock of plates, but if you guys start shipping branded plates with part holder compartments, etc. you’ll corner the market on high-end third-hands. You could even anodize them with a sharp colored logo, or even just solid black for something really fancy.

      • about $10 for 6 if you’re willing to wait (it took about a month for these to show up in Vancouver, Canada)

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