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Description: This is the Mini SparkFun Solder-able Breadboard. A bare PCB that is the exact size as our mini modular breadboards with the same connections to pins. This board is especially useful for preserving a prototype or experiment you just created on a solderless breadboard by soldering all the pieces in place.


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Customer Comments

  • It would be awesome to get one of these with a hole pattern to match the Actobotics stuff.

  • Nice board. Will be very useful for small projects. One question though: “[…] with the same connections to pins and power rails.” What power rails?

    EDIT: Description has been changed. My comment isn’t valid anymore.

    • What this /should/ be offering is basically a flattened version of the full breadboard (found at ), or a protoboard with all of the connections that a breadboard would have pre-“cut” for you. If you look closely at the larger version of the images you can see on the back the connections.

  • These are really useful, but I wish they were single sided; I can’t see that having pads on the top surface offers any advantage, and the plated-through holes make it almost impossible to remove components once you’ve soldered them in.

  • Are the rows connected like on the regular breadboards?

  • Is there a version of this without any connections? Just a board with through-holes that I can attach components to?

  • Can these boards be easily cut? Obviously cutting parallel to the traces. So I could use them as smaller boards for projects. Is there really an easy way to cut them without just mangling them?

    • Using a straight-edge and sharp utility knife, just score through a column of holes, on both sides, and snap along the edge of a table. Repeated scoring makes the snapping easier and edge cleaner. You can also sand the edges smooth, if you like, but wear respiratory protection!

  • A mini Breadboard sized protoboard with traced rows. I can already see some small projects being soldered on a few of these. like a self designed remote, or a small sensor board. Possibilities are endless. i know the Wired Protoboard can do similiar, but for some projects one may prefer not to have to spend time carefully cutting traces.

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Perfect for small projects

I love these solderable breadboards! They’re perfect for small projects.

The mini board fits perfectly on top of the Mini modular breadboard. Place this on top of the breadboard and stick the components in. Once your circuit is working, carefully lift the board off and solder everything into place.

Great little board

Does everything you’d like. But does not have power rails. For the money, I wish sparkfun carried - they were backordered on Digikey, but finally got in.

Great product.

It is small and easy to work with. It looks good too!