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Description: This is the SparkFun USB to Serial Breakout for the FT232RL, a small board with a built in USB to serial UART interface. This little breakout is built around the FT232RL IC from FTDI, with an internal oscillator, EEPROM, and a 28-pin SSOP package this is a serious little chip.

With this version, we’ve corrected a few issues found with the board. These changes include fixes to the VCCIO, a change from the mini USB to micro USB connector, and a few footprint modifications. Other than finding this board much easier to use, it is still the same FT232RL breakout that you know and love!


  • Implements full v2.0 USB protocol
  • Needs no external crystal
  • Internal EEPROM for device ID and Product Description strings
  • Royalty-Free Driver support for Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX


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Customer Comments

  • Feeling a little lost, can anyone help me with the pin outs to use to program an Arduino Pro Mini?

    • To program an Arduino Pro Mini you basically need 4-5 connections. The first 2 are power and ground. Assuming nothing else is attached to the Pro Mini you can use either 3.3V or 5V power with no problem. Next is RX and TX. RX is receive and TX is transmit, meaning RX needs to go to TX and TX to RX. Sometimes you will see RX-I or TX-O, the I and O basically mean input or output and you can just ignore them. This tends to be the tricky thing is to remember to swap the RX and TX. The 5th connection is connecting the DTR pin, this is what enables the autoreset. If you don’t have this pin connected you can always manually hit the reset button. If you have any other questions feel free to email

  • I have to admit that instead of using these FTDI boards, I usually use a a Teensy 2.0 programmed as a USB to serial converter. Its a buck or so difference in price but then I can always build some smarts into the converter to suit my application.

  • I’d really like to see an FTDI alternative serial/usb board.

    After recent cluelessness by FTDI, I’m no longer comfortable with them as a source, and there seems to be a few other options available.

    • In their recent “Ask me anything” live session, I believe they mentioned they were going to make boards using Cypress’s offerings - but the time frame for these appearing here was weeks.

      • We are.

        The Cypress chips are really nice; they add some pretty advanced functionality beyond the normal serial functions, but retain pin-for-pin compatibility.

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Board okay but data sheet not...

Board itself works okay but as this is first time I am using this board I had problem finding the correct pin connections to the other board (BT module) I am using in my project. The data sheet available in your page shows all but the simple connection diagram for 2x9 pins + additional 4 pins.

I’m sorry that it wasn’t easier to find the information you were looking for. We try to cover as much as we can in our docs, but we can’t always get everything. Happy hacking.

USB cable

Beware this does not use a standard USB mini cable. I needed to steal my wifes phone cable to fit.

FT232RL Breakout Board is a good one!

This little breakout board came with everything needed to assemble in various configurations to fit your need. The board worked exactly as advertised, and was a snap to set up after assembly. Love the documentation provided at Sparkfun–best in class.