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Description: These digital (LH) British Telecom connectors are primarily used by our English friends across the pond but here at SparkFun we like to use them for Vernier sensors. These 6-pin connectors are very similar to the RJ11s we use here in North America except instead of a bottom-mounted hook lock, the BTD uses a side-mounted lock. These BTD connectors are perfect for educators or other users who need to set up a Custom Vernier digital sensor which produces a voltage that needs to be measured like temperature, force, light, or sound.


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Customer Comments

  • Any chance you are selling the male ends of these and the BTA sockets?

  • My bad, the spec sheet says the spacing is 3 mm. Still, I’d like it if I didn’t have to make the eagle footprint.-Jack

  • Is there an eagle footprint for the BT connectors? I have not seen one and the spacing seems a bit odd (1/8"?).-Jack

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