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Description: This is an awesome little microSD USB reader. Just slide your microSD card into the inside of the USB connector, then stick this into a USB port and the card’s contents will pop up on your computer. Very sneaky - we love it! This little guy is great for pulling data logs off microSD media. This reader also includes an indicator LED which will light up if a microSD card is present. This device is completely plug-and-play, so no drivers needed.

Note: The microSD card is sold separately.


  • TF/microSD/microSDHC Card High-Speed Reader
  • USB Interface
  • Removable Cap
  • Keychain Lanyard


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Well, It's Small

The piece of plastic holding the string to the main part of the dongle broke off the very first time that I tried to use the string to pull the device out of the USB port. Because the device is so small, it’s very difficult to remove from the USB port without the string. If you have other things plugged into the ports next to this dongle (horizontal port configuration), it can basically be impossible to remove this device without the string. I ended up wrapping the string around the inside lip of the main part of the device. The string isn’t too thick to cause contact problems with the USB port, but the cap doesn’t go on right against the main part of the device any more. This device might be fantastic if you intend to leave it in place as mass storage, but since I need to remove it frequently, I should have gotten something slightly larger. I wouldn’t trust the strength of that plastic on a keychain, and certainly wouldn’t leave an SD card in it on my keychain.

TLDR: String broke off, thing is too small to get out of the USB port. Recommended if you’re going to leave it in place.

Sorry to hear about your troubles. Thank you for the feedback.