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Nordic Semiconductor nRF5340 Development Kit

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Nordic Semiconductor nRF5340 Development Kit is designed for the nRF5340 SoC and contains everything needed to develop on a single board. The nRF5340 SoC combines a high-performance application processor with a fully programmable, ultra-low-power network processor. The nRF5340 incorporates Arm CryptoCell-312, Arm TrustZone® technology, and Secure Key Storage for the highest level of security.

The nRF5340 Development Kit supports development with an extensive range of wireless protocols. The kit offers Bluetooth 5.2 features, including Long Range, 2Mbps, and advertising extensions. Mesh protocols like Bluetooth mesh, Thread, and Zigbee can be run concurrently with Bluetooth LE. This enables smartphones to provision, commission, configure, and control mesh nodes. Additionally, NFC, ANT, 802.15.4, and 2.4GHz proprietary protocols are also supported. The nRF5340 Development Kit includes an NFC antenna that quickly enables testing of nRF5340’s NFC-A tag peripheral. A SEGGER J-Link debugger is on the board, allowing full-blown programming and debugging of both the nRF5340 SoC and external targets. Through headers and edge connectors, all analog and digital interfaces, as well as GPIOs, are available. The kit is Arduino Uno Rev3 hardware compatible, permitting it to be easily interfaced with external device shields, including Nordic's Power Profiler Kit.

The Power Profiler Kit II (PPK2) is an easy-to-use tool for current measurements and power consumption optimization of embedded solutions. The PPK2 connectors can be connected to any Nordic DK or custom board as a standalone unit, with no requirements for additional kits or debuggers. The PPK2 supports both a source mode and an ampere meter mode.

The nRF5340 Development Kit is typically powered with USB but can be powered by a wide range of sources within the supply range of 1.7V to 5.0V. Along with USB, the device can be powered with an external source, but also includes a CR2032 battery holder and a Li-Po battery connector for in-field testing.

  • Versatile development kit for the nRF5340 SoC
  • Arduino Rev3 compatible
  • 2.4GHz and NFC antennas
  • Secure key storage
  • SWF RF connector for direct RF measurements
  • User-programmable LEDs (4) and buttons (4)
  • SEGGER J-Link OB programmer/debugger
  • Pins for measuring power consumption
  • 1.7V to 5.0V supply from USB, external, Li-Po battery, or CR2032 coin cell battery
  • nRF Connect SDK software adds support for the nRF5340 SoC

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