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Machinechat® JEDI One is an all-in-one IoT software application that allows developers and engineers to quickly bundle robust data collection, visualization, monitoring and local storage into any IoT project or proof of concept in minutes. Ideal software solution for quick development of field-ready IoT proof-of-concepts.

JEDI One lets you build IoT projects quickly and easily. Add intuitive data dashboards, powerful rule-based data monitoring and instant alerts to any IoT project. There is no need to send all your data to the cloud and no recurring monthly fees to pay.

JEDI One has had a number of quality-of-life upgrades since its original launch. The price of the product has increased to reflect this. However, if you bought the original product, these upgrades will automatically update free of charge. Here’s what has changed since the last version:

  • Increased the allowed number of dashboards, charts per dashboard, devices, metrics per device
  • New: Built-in JavaScript engine for implementing decoders for custom data formats. For e.g., LoRaWAN data from Chirpstack
  • New: Built-in support for decoding Node-RED messages using JavaScript plug-ins. Allows Node-RED users to benefit from JEDI features.
  • New: Bi-directional Modbus RTU (Serial/RS485) and Modbus TCP support for interfacing with industrial sensors, data acquisition devices, and PLCs
  • New: Integrated support for LabJack data acquisition hardware. Essentially, precision measurements to actionable insights in minutes!
  • New: Support for millisecond precision timestamps.
  • New: Timeseries charts with support for stacked bar, and scatter plots for correlating trends.
  • New: Dashboard grid system for higher chart density on lower resolution/smaller displays.
  • New: Ability to set precision for each metric when creating charts.
  • Several bug fixes and performance improvements

Note: This is currently available as a physical license card that will be shipped to you with a unique license code. We cannot accept returns/exchanges of this product.

  • Intel x86 PC or server
  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • Apple Mac OS 10.13.6 and above
  • Ubuntu Linux 16.04 and above
  • Memory : 4GB or greater
  • Storage : 30MB min of disk space

Machinechat Software License Card - JEDI One Product Help and Resources

Getting Started with Machinechat

October 7, 2022

Organize and display your data with SparkFun's Artemis OpenLog and MachineChat's JEDIOne!


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