FGSensors Full Gradiometer Kit

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The FGSensors Full Gradiometer Kit is a complete solution for those of you who are interested in building your own gradiometer. The kit includes all the electronic and mechanical components you'll need, including two FG-3+ magnetometer sensors, a fully assembled and tested PCB, pre-installed firmware with Android connectivity, an Android app, an LCD display, and more.

With this kit, you can start building your own magnetometer right away. By following the included instructions (also found in the Documents Tab above), you'll be able to assemble the kit with ease. Once connected correctly, the LCD will start displaying sensor readouts. At this stage, everything fits snugly inside the provided enclosure for better peace of mind and convenience.

  • 2 magnetometer FG-3+ sensors
  • Fully assembled & tested PCB
  • Pre-installed firmware with Android connectivity
  • Android app
  • LCD display
  • Sensor cables
  • Enclosure
  • Sensor & enclosure mounting adapters
  • Tube Stands for sensor tuning
  • Plastic tube (l=1m) is NOT included
  • Mounting Hardware


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