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Description: Basic 20mm coin cell holder. Posts can be inserted into 0.1" perf board! Holds the common CR2032 type batteries.


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Customer Comments

  • Where can I get this battery holder eagle footprint?

    • Should be in SparkFun-Electromechanical, device: BATTERY/BATTERY20PTH, package: BATTCOM_20MM_PTH . The SparkFun Eagle libraries can be found through

  • Sparkfun, please make these leads longer! The pins do not fit very well into a breadboard without popping out!

  • How to determine the polarity of the pins?

    • That depends on how you insert the battery ;)

      You’re supposed to insert it with the positive side up, which - if you follow the springy bit of metal - means the positive pin is the one near the protrusion, the negative is the other one.

  • Does anybody have any information on how to wire one of these? I’ve got two prongs sticking out the bottom - what’s the best way to connect them to wires?

  • Will this hold a cr2025?

    • From the holder datasheet it seems the minimum battery thickness is 2.85mm, unless I’m reading it wrong. The CR2025 battery is 2.50mm, so it might fit a bit loose. (The last 2 digits are the thickness; the first 2 are the diameter.) However a little piece of metal under it should snug it up.

      • If how I’m reading it is correct, that indicates the height of that metal tab/spring ….. can anybody confirm that we could shove 2 of the CR2025 vs a single CR2032 into this holder?

        Edit: polarity says no …

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