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Description: Basic 20mm coin cell holder. Posts can be inserted into 0.1" perf board! Holds the common CR2032 type batteries.


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  • Where can I get this battery holder eagle footprint?

    • Should be in SparkFun-Electromechanical, device: BATTERY/BATTERY20PTH, package: BATTCOM_20MM_PTH . The SparkFun Eagle libraries can be found through

  • Sparkfun, please make these leads longer! The pins do not fit very well into a breadboard without popping out!

  • How to determine the polarity of the pins?

    • That depends on how you insert the battery ;)

      You’re supposed to insert it with the positive side up, which - if you follow the springy bit of metal - means the positive pin is the one near the protrusion, the negative is the other one.

  • Does anybody have any information on how to wire one of these? I’ve got two prongs sticking out the bottom - what’s the best way to connect them to wires?

  • Will this hold a cr2025?

    • From the holder datasheet it seems the minimum battery thickness is 2.85mm, unless I’m reading it wrong. The CR2025 battery is 2.50mm, so it might fit a bit loose. (The last 2 digits are the thickness; the first 2 are the diameter.) However a little piece of metal under it should snug it up.

      • If how I’m reading it is correct, that indicates the height of that metal tab/spring ….. can anybody confirm that we could shove 2 of the CR2025 vs a single CR2032 into this holder?

        Edit: polarity says no …

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Okay at it's job

These battery holders are okay, seat batteries very securely and hold them tight. The pins are short, so not so good for breadboarding, but if soldered they’re great, little awkward to stick the batteries and depress down to latch. There’s better holders out there (the ones with the long solid clip are my favorites) unless you go for the smd solder to board battery varieties which are far superior to everything.