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Description: We designed this board to give the user a very discrete button without any sharp edges. Button closes when you push it and opens when you release (momentary push button).

LilyPad is a wearable e-textile technology developed by Leah Buechley and cooperatively designed by Leah and SparkFun. Each LilyPad was creatively designed to have large connecting pads to allow them to be sewn into clothing. Various input, output, power, and sensor boards are available. They're even washable!

Note: A portion of this sale is given back to Dr. Leah Buechley for continued development and education of e-textiles.


  • 8x16mm
  • Thin 0.8mm PCB


Comments 7 comments

  • About how much pressure is required to close the circuit?

  • Where are the connection points?

    • The two crescent shapes on the edges, plus the plated holes, are the connection points :)
      The LilyPad line of products are primarily used for e-sewing, where conductive thread is wrapped through the hole several times making an electrical connection without the need for soldering.
      CRAFT Video: LilyPad Arduino 101

  • so….. I mean how wet can this thing get? Its got metal parts so the button should cease to function and corrode if left out in the elements, right?

    • Yes, eventually this will stop working if left out in the elements for a long period of time. However, etextiles are designed so they can be hand washed if need. Of course, make sure you don’t have any current flowing through this when it’s wet. Electricity + water = fried components.

  • application for using it:—intro-to-the-lilypad

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