Almost Free Development Board

This is it, this is your Almost Free Day Development Board! This product is only one cent and could be one out of 10 different development boards. That's the catch, you get one randomly chosen board for just a penny! When adding this product to your cart and completing check-out you run the chance of receiving one of these following products:

This Almost Free Day we’re selling 3,000 of these items for $0.01 each, thus the “almost” part of Almost Free Day. We’ve done this for various reasons, but mostly to keep it legal. We have 300 units each of the nine different board types and the one Mini LilyPad Bundle, as shown above. None of these boards have export restrictions, so customers around the world can participate!

Note: This product will only be available online while supplies last, as well as sales prices. Customer accounts only – no guests, educators or distributors. No backorders allowed. Only one “Almost Free” SKU, one IoT Bundle and one Wearables Bundle allowed per order, though multiple orders on a single account are allowed throughout the day. All sale prices expire at 11:59 p.m. MDT on 7/20/2016.


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Thanks Sparkfun!

I bought 3 of these, and got 3 different boards: 1 x Sparkfun RedBoard 1 x Sparkfun RedStick 1 x Big Easy Driver

As an Arduino fan, I'm very happy with my RedBoard and RedStick, but don't have any motors to test the Big Easy Driver with.

I spent 3 cents on, essentially, a gamble but I received 2 things I really wanted, and 1 thing I didn't, so I definitely have no grounds for complaint.

Thanks Sparkfun :)