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shiny things and dusty things

Let's take a look one of our principal suppliers of soldering tools -- Weller!

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The story behind the SparkFun kits.

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  • Thanks for your comment. There’s some more info on it here, although it still leaves us hanging a bit as to their ultimate conclusions and what changes were made to their soldering methods as a result:

    In Space Soldering Investigation

    Soldering Surprise

    There’s also this explanation of what we’re seeing in that video:

    “Real-time downlink video of the experiment yielded direct observation of the solder melting, equilibrium shape attainment by the liquid, and flux movement. The flux movement was particularly noteworthy because it was entirely unexpected. When the flux was released from the solder during heating, it formed a droplet that spun around the larger solder drop. This surprising movement is driven by thermocapillary flow induced by the temperature gradient. This type of behavior cannot be duplicated on Earth.”

  • You’re right (I just googled that, haha). I’m a native East Coaster too–I guess in my arrogance I assumed that every large ocean is referred to as “the pond!” “The lake” sounds good to me, but only if we can also start referring to the Arctic as “the rink.” ;-)

  • I’ve personally exchanged family photos and had lengthy conversations about the differences in our cultures, backgrounds, and working lives with a number of our international supplier reps. Yes, I’m keenly aware of how lucky we are to live and work in the US. But after having had the privilege to meet and correspond with Chinese people who are working hard to support their families and forge new lives for themselves, I’ve also seen firsthand the positive impacts trade can have abroad. There’s a long, long, way to go for labor on both sides of the pond, and while I’m skeptical that there’s some magic political panacea, maybe time will prove me wrong. We’re not wringing our hands here crying “woe is us,” but simply trying to do the best we can to prepare for the coming changes and keep our customers informed along the way.

  • I think we also put a ThinkGeek Annoy-a-tron above your office ceiling panels at some point…

  • That’s wild! May I ask what fort it was?

  • There’s a nice photo of this clip in action in the Re-Programming the LilyTiny / LilyTwinkle tutorial.

  • Billy Mays is both a preacher and a prophet.

  • Around two minutes.

  • My mom is my STEM hero, in the “M” part of stem. She worked hard in school, earned herself a college scholarship, and still had to sit through a lecture in a business class (as the only woman in the class) in which the professor explained to an his theories on why women had no place in business. She entered the field of accounting and finance at a time when there were very few women involved and succeeded in a man’s world despite mistreatment from bosses and male counterparts…and still made time to help my brother and me with our math homework!

  • Hold up. Are we talking metric bananas or imperial bananas? Gros Michel or Cavendish? Which key on the piano?

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