Our classic electronics surplus stores are disappearing. Can they be saved?

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We use 0603 SMD packages but the electronics world uses much smaller sized components.

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Wherein I take a break from pushing pixels around to wire my biker scout trooper helmet for sound.

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Everything you need to design for manufacture, all in one place.

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A look inside some common power supplies.

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Showbox is the best movie streaming apps in 2018 Watching desired movies and TV shows online has become quite…
Neat stuff. not to nitpick, but it’s an important distinction to make I think: The afterimage from a flash is a negative afterimage, as…
Did the SPI multiplexing trick really gain anything? You have four data streams, but each is active only 50% of the time. You could have…
Best not to think in terms of “Frame Rate” for this sort of thing. Think line rate and 10,000 per second isn’t even NTSC quality. So don’t…
There is one really BIG issue to consider in the build vs buy. The Cloud. Almost every off the shelf product is tied to the vendor’s Cloud…
What’s the intentional misinformation? That’s a pretty bold statement to make.
Thanks for this awesome post Mike. It reminded me of many good memories searching through boxes at Saunders for the perfect potentiometer,…
AP102 is, mechanically, a good choice for POV stuff, but disagree with the frequent and intentional misinformation on the common venues such…
You’ve made some very good points. However, if you’re trying to make money, it seems to me that theere’s a “pre-step” that can be even more…
Currently located at 807 East 18th Street, Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613. Will be closed July 20 and reopening July 30 at our new location,…

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