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AVC, a part of SparkHacks, has evolved every year since the beginning seven years ago. We are always trying to find ways to make the races more exciting, the side activities more fun and the event more inclusive for the maker and tech community.

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Don't forget, this weekend is the SparkFun Autonomous Vehicle Competition.

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  • Are you using FireFox? We think there might be a bug in that browser, we'll look into it more. Try Chrome. :)

  • Done. :)

  • Hi Member #146957, yep, you got it. If you register as a team, your entrance fee is covered in your 'bot registration fee. Good question. Thanx!

  • And if you did want to go through eventbrite, but you are also charging admission at the door, I would give the adults who tried to use the free kids tickets the option of paying $6 at the door or not coming in. There probably will be some families that swindle some older kids in there for free, but I assume the majority of people will be honest.

    That's not a bad idea at all. I'll talk to the AVC team here and see what they think. Thank you! :)

  • Hi Member #341578, we thought about that, but we had trouble figuring out to do it in a fair way. In Eventbrite, the ticket company we use, there is no way to prove you are a kid, so our fear is that some people might register 5 kids, and then show up day-of with 5 adults. Then what would we do? Turn those adults away? If you have ideas for how to do this in a fair way, let us know here. Thanx!!

  • Yeah, that one really is the Marcomm department's fav. Glad you like it too! ;)

  • Awesome ideas and thank you so much for the feedback! :)

  • Yes! We are considering selling them on the SparkFun site, because we had such a good response at SXSW Create. We are thinking about how we'd handle the plastic badge part, or if that's even important to have in the kit. What do you think?

    Stay tuned to New Friday Product Posts for the kit, if and when we carry it. It's always good to have another customer who is asking. Thank you and so glad you enjoyed our booth at SXSW! ;)

  • There will be no water obstacles at AVC 2015, since there is no water near the new SparkFun building in Niwot. Yay for no water!! Or boo, whatever's your thing. ;)

  • Yes! And we are so glad that you are including them. Enjoy! And let us know how it goes!