SparkFun heads to Chicago this week to attend the American Library Association (ALA) Midwinter meeting.

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A recap of our Let It Glow e-card crafting class and our trip to Maine teaching at Berwick Academy.

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Be the master of your own electronics destiny with the help of our workshops!

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Want the coolest Halloween costume around? This is the class for you.

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Don't forget, this weekend is the SparkFun Autonomous Vehicle Competition.

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SparkFun gets invited to the White House Maker Faire!

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The final post about the SparkFun East Coast tour!

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Check out our recap from week two of our East Coast tour!

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Check out our recap from week one of our East Coast tour!

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Don't forget to sign up for the IOIO development class!

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Ready to try out E-Textiles? Check out this class!

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In case you missed the action, check out this Antimov recap video.

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Want to learn how to do solder stenciling?

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Derek, Thank you for your reply. I probably should have added the following; 1) I intend to publish the book myself. I expect the book to be…
When I was a kid we wore boxes for shoes! Phooey! Hearing all these comments as if said by Zoidberg I am!
>>Why have a box on your dryer that sends you a text when your load of laundry is done when you could have an orphaned sock on your dryer…
Why enclose? To protect the circuit from the cat. To protect the cat from the circuit (some of mine are hundreds of volts). Thermal control,…
I just designed and printed an enclosure for my RPi model 2s. It just barely fit on a Printrbot Simple (also 4x4x4). It’s rectangular, sorry…
Back in the 60s, when I was a kid, I had to make my meager allowance stretch as far as possible. Often, the box specified for the project I…
Why enclose? I’ve built analog projects, especially where I needed the solid connection of solder, by not trimming leads and simply…

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