SparkFun heads to Chicago this week to attend the American Library Association (ALA) Midwinter meeting.

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A recap of our Let It Glow e-card crafting class and our trip to Maine teaching at Berwick Academy.

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Be the master of your own electronics destiny with the help of our workshops!

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Want the coolest Halloween costume around? This is the class for you.

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Don't forget, this weekend is the SparkFun Autonomous Vehicle Competition.

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SparkFun gets invited to the White House Maker Faire!

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The final post about the SparkFun East Coast tour!

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Check out our recap from week two of our East Coast tour!

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Check out our recap from week one of our East Coast tour!

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Don't forget to sign up for the IOIO development class!

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Ready to try out E-Textiles? Check out this class!

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In case you missed the action, check out this Antimov recap video.

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Want to learn how to do solder stenciling?

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